Vitamin D and weight loss! [Why it’s so important for our Body!]

There are studies showing that lack of vitamin D aids weight gain and that more and more people are lacking it in today’s society.  Vitamin D is mostly obtained via the UV rays from the sunlight and only found in few foods. Vitamin D aids our immune system and helps fight viruses and bacteria! So here is why lack of vitamin D may aid to weight gain and why our body so desperately needs it!

Why we gain weight with lack of vitamin D

As soon as the exposure of sunlight on our skin goes down our body believes that winter is approaching. With that “in mind” our body believes that we won’t be able to find enough food as “usually” the food is scarce in winter. Therefore, our body starts to store as much fat as it can to make sure that we survive winter! Just like bears do, before they get into hibernation! This is why we gain weight, as our body does not want to burn fat but the opposite- it wants to store it!


Why is Vitamin D so important for our body?

Vitamin D is important for strong bones and muscles and is needed to aid with the absorption of calcium! It is also known to be an anti-cancer agent and improves memory, mood and brain function.

Effects of low Vitamin D levels

Low vitamin D levels are associated with depression, mood swings, heart disease, Alzheimer’s’ and dementia.

What about the sun and skin cancer?

As Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin it is believed that the most effective way to absorbed vitamin D is via the “fattiest parts” of our bodies. Our belly, buttocks and upper legs should be exposed directly to the sunlight for about 10 min each day, per side. Total of max 20 min. Time may differ depending on skin type. The face, arms and legs should remain protected as there is hardly any fat and therefore burns faster.

Alternatively Vitamin D supplements may aid as well and can be taken over winter or throughout the year if you work indoors!


We tend to forget to get our daily dose of Vitamin D as this involves getting outside and exposing our skin to the sun- which is work and time consuming!

So don’t forget to catch some sun each day on your “fatty” parts of your body or get some supplements (a blood test at the doctors will establish lack of vitamins) if you can’t to aid your amazing body to be as fit and healthy as possible and to avoid unnecessary weight gain!


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