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Discover Sweet & Spicy Asia

Savory food in Indonesia

Exotic Ubud in Bali

Chill-Out and Dine at Biah Biah in Ubud, Bali


Biah Biah is one of the most chilled out restaurants I have been to so far in South East Asia! It is set in a relaxing and cozy atmosphere offering  free WIFI, is totally affordable and even has vegetarian and vegan food on the Menu!!! Check it out when you are in Ubud, Bali! Read More!

Paradiso Ubud in Bali: Enjoy organic vegan & raw vegan food whilst watching a movie at the Cinema!


Only in Ubud are you able to find a cinema that serves you during the movie organic vegan and raw vegan dishes! The food is served from the vegan restaurant named “Earth Café” next door. I was absolutely thrilled and amazed by this concept!! Check out the Cinema, their delicious food and prices with me 🙂 Read more!

Kafe Ubud experience deliciously wholesome organic vegan and raw vegan food


OMG, if there is one place in Asia where it’s easy peasy to find vegetarian, vegan and even raw vegan food it is in Ubud located in Bali. KAFE Ubud is one of the many cafes and restaurants in Ubud that offer organic vegan and raw vegan food choices. Come and check out the laid back KAFE Ubud with me… Read More

The Touristy Kuta in Bali

A quick visit to Kuta, Bali and a great vegetarian restaurant


Kuta is the closed location to the airport that offers a beach and even a shopping center! After we spend a month in the quiet Ubud Region we decided to experience some action and check out Kuta Bali. Well that was an experience! Read here about “Things to do in Kuta Bali” and my review about Kuta. Find out about the little vegetarian gem we found hidden in a side street offering affordable and delicious local food. Enjoy 🙂 Read More

Try Thailand’s spicy stir fries and curries!

Patong Beach Phuket

Vegan/Vegetarian Food at Patong Beach Night Markets, Phuket – Thailand


This blog is about how and what you can eat as a vegetarian or vegan at Patong Beach Night Market in Phuket Thailand. I must say it was not easy to find these dishes and it took us a few days! The first few days we only ate corn and fruit! Well, it sure helped me lose weight 🙂 Read More!

Lonely Beach, Koh Chang

Thai vegan and vegetarian culinary bliss at Café del Sunshine in Lonely Beach, Koh Chang Thailand!

Cafe del Sunshine Lonely Beach Thai vegan green curry

Who said it’s hard to find vegetarian and vegan food whilst travelling? I guess it’s true in some countries but this is not the case on Lonely Beach on Thailand’s island Koh Chang! Almost every single restaurant in Lonely Beach I walked into offered vegetarian and even vegan dishes! Well, once you asked them to omit the egg and fish sauce that is 🙂 One of the many restaurants that offered a huge variety of delicious vegan and vegetarian Thai dishes is Café del Sunshine…More here!

Taste the freshness of Vietnam’s Cuisine!

Ho Chi Minh City/ Saigon

The best vegan noodles in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam! [Healthy Farm Vegan Restaurant]

Health Farm Ready Dish

Ho Chi Minh [former Saigon] is my absolute favorite city to date in terms of finding delicious vegan and vegetarian food!!! There is an abundance of little vegan and vegetarian restaurants hidden in the middle of the infamous “Motorbike City”. One of them is called “Healthy Farm” and they even offer a little “Vegan Supermarket” in the back! Come and check out this little gem with me…

Savor foodie delights in Australia

Sydney, NSW

Vegan Vietnamese Street Food! Miss Chu’s Bondi Beach


Walking the beautiful Coastal walk or just visiting Bondi for its lovely fine sandy beach get’s you really hungry and as a vegetarian and or vegan you can recharge at Miss Chu’s Vietnamese Restaurant with a vegan Pho Soup or Dumplings! Read More!

Delicious Vegan Lunch at Sydney’s Ichi-Ban Boshi Japanese Noodle House

TofuRamen WM

Close to the Eastern Beaches Bondi, Bronte or Coogee Beach is a shopping mall called Bondi Junction. If you are staying/living close to the beaches you will most likely end up shopping at Bondi Junction Shopping Mall. Need a break or a quick lunch before continuing shopping? Check out Ichi- Ban Boshi Japanese Noodle House which serves vegan/vegetarian food as well! Read More!

Vegetarian Turkish Delight at Sultans Table in Newtown, Sydney


Sultans Table is a delicious and authentic little Turkish restaurant in Sydney’s “Grunge Style” suburb Newtown. Newtown is ever growing their offer of diverse and popular restaurants on it’s main street and offers a culinary experience for everyone’s taste! One of these famous restaurants in Newtown is Sultans Table which offers the typical “Kebabs” as well as a lovely variety of vegetarian dishes with some vegan options…… Read More!

The BEST Hand-Pulled Chinese Noodles in Sydney [Chinatown]


Around 8 years ago we discovered a small family run Chinese Noodle House behind Sydney’s Chinatown/Haymarket that makes the best HANDMADE Chinese Noodles, dumplings and other Chinese dishes I have ever eaten! And it’s totally affordable!!! Check out this little authentic gem in the middle of Sydney’s vivid Chinatown! Read More!

Explore Europe’s Food Treasures

Rustic and modern Germany


Mouth-watering vegan wedding menu at “The Locks” restaurant in Hamburg


My little sister recently celebrated her wedding at “The Locks” restaurant in Hamburg, Germany. My and her husbands family are not vegetarians or vegans, however my sister was able to organize just for my lonesome a wonderful and refreshing German autumn vegan set menu! The restaurant was beautifully rustic, the food was phenomenal and  the service was outstanding! Check out what I ate at “The Locks” in Hamburg! Read More!

Vegan & Vegetarian Sushi “All you can eat” at Jam Jam Restaurant [Hamburg]


Each time I visit Hamburg and I crave some Sushi I go to Jam Jam. Why? Because they offer an “All you can eat” Sushi Train with loads of vegetarian and vegan choices!!! All I can say to this is “Jam Jam” ! Read More!

German Street Food at it‘s best! The annual Christmas Markets [Hamburg-Spitaler Strasse]

Spitalerstr Mushroom Stand

There is no better time to be in Germany than during Christmas! True, the weather is not something you would want to experience thanks’ to it‘s icy weather, however every city in Germany show cast their lovely „Winter Wonderlands“ – The Christmas Markets! Explore the little wooden stalls offering one of the best German street foods available or enjoy beautiful handcrafted Christmas decorations and arts. Come and check Hamburg’s Christmas Market on Spitaler Strasse with me… Read More!

Unearth the Christmas Winter Wonderland in Hamburg’s Christmas Markets [Gerhart -Hauptmann Platz]

Gerhardt Handcraft 2

The usual quiet and resting spot in Hamburg’s inner city has been turned into a small and cozy “Christmas Town, called Aura“. Get lost in between countless food, beverage and trinket stalls and discover the Winter Wonderland in the center of Aura Town whilst enjoying the taste of Christmas with a “Gluehwein”… Read More!

Raclette on New Years Eve- a cheesy melt-together for the whole family!

Raclette Pan Finished

Many Europeans enjoy a “Raclette Night” on New Years Eve and my husband from Australia asked me with huge eyes “What the heck is Raclette?” Well, Raclette is a delicious and leisurely way to enjoy an entire evening with family and friends, eating for hours around the “Raclette-Grill” and creating little cheezy delights! Read More!

Maharani – Experience a taste of Indian Ayurveda Food in the midst of Hamburg!

Maharani Shahi Paneer ENG

Need a break from German Food whilst visiting Hamburg? No worries! Experience an exotic and delicious getaway when visiting the Maharani Indian Restaurant in Hamburg. Be greeted by very friendly waiters, relaxing Indian music and décor! True to the Indian cuisine they serve a great choice of vegetarian and vegan dishes! Come and check it out with me! Read More!

Taste Mediterranean delights in Italy


Vegetarian Streetfood in Palermo

Lunch balls

When I think of Italy and food I think of Pizza, Pasta and Pannini. Oh yeah, Italy is the carb Paradise and it’s the same here in Palermo. Finding vegan food in Italy is not easy as they love their cheese. But finding vegetarian food is another story altogether, depending of what type of “Veggo” you are! Check out some vegetarian street foods I was able to discover in Palermo! Read More!

I hope this summary will help you to find exciting and delicious places to eat vegetarian and/or vegan foods around the world  🙂

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