Veggie Eateries

Are you ready to travel for delicious, heavenly and exotic vegetarian and/or vegan food around the world? Then check out the below to discover where I found amazing veggie food around the world, prices, locations and more!


Discover Sweet & Spicy Asia



Exotic Ubud in Bali

Chill-Out and Dine at Biah Biah in Ubud, Bali



Biah Biah is one of the most chilled out restaurants I have been to so far in South East Asia! It is set in a relaxing and cozy atmosphere offering  free WIFI, is totally affordable and even has vegetarian and vegan food on the Menu!!! Check it out when you are in Ubud, Bali! Read More!


Paradiso Ubud in Bali: Enjoy organic vegan & raw vegan food whilst watching a movie at the Cinema!


Only in Ubud are you able to find a cinema that serves you during the movie organic vegan and raw vegan dishes! The food is served from the vegan restaurant named “Earth Café” next door. I was absolutely thrilled and amazed by this concept!! Check out the Cinema, their delicious food and prices with me 🙂 Read more!


Kafe Ubud experience deliciously wholesome organic vegan and raw vegan food


OMG, if there is one place in Asia where it’s easy peasy to find vegetarian, vegan and even raw vegan food it is in Ubud located in Bali. KAFE Ubud is one of the many cafes and restaurants in Ubud that offer organic vegan and raw vegan food choices. Come and check out the laid back KAFE Ubud with me… Read More!









New South Wales










I hope this helps you guys to find exciting and delicious places to eat vegetarian and/or vegan foods  🙂


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