Vegan & Vegetarian Sushi “All you can eat” at Jam Jam Restaurant [Hamburg]

Each time I visit Hamburg and I crave some Sushi I go to Jam Jam. Why? Because they offer an β€œAll you can eat” Sushi Train with loads of vegetarian and vegan choices!!! All I can say to this is “Jam Jam” !

Location of Jam Jam Restaurant


About Jam Jam Restaurant in Hamburg

Here you will discover a sushi train, where the food rotates constantly and get’s refilled as it goes around. The tables and chairs are set around the sushi train so you can reach the food super easily πŸ™‚


Prices, Buffet-Times & Menu at Jam Jam Hamburg

  • Mon-Fri/ Lunchtime: Adults  11.90 EUR and Kids under 12 years 6.50 EUR per person
  • Mon-Fri/Dinner: Adult 18.50 EUR and Kid 8.50 EUR
  • Sat/Sun 18.50 for adult and 8.50 for kids under 12

Do’s and Don’ts at Jam Jam Hamburg

Do not to leave the rice on the plates instead order at additional cost sashimi fish (for fish eaters). They charge you 0.50 cents per left over rice ball. I think it’s fair as they otherwise need to throw it away!


Vegan Sushi Options at Jam Jam Hamburg

I was quite surprised at the selection of the vegetarian/vegan sushi they offered. From avocado, sugar peas, cucumber and tofu sushi! AMAZING! On the table you found soy sauce, wasabi and ginger.


Other Veggie Dishes at Jam Jam Hamburg

They also offered things like little garden salad, noodles with soya beans, broccoli or mushrooms in soy sauce πŸ™‚


Dessert at Jam Jam Hamburg

You could even find dessert on the sushi train πŸ™‚ From Moshi Bean Dessert to Tofu pudding or fried banana with honey πŸ™‚



Because it is all you can eat, I don’t mind paying the 12 EUR during lunch time for vegetarian sushi, veggies and dessert as you usually pay 6 EUR for just 6 little avocado rolls. Dinner is too expensive for me though, cause its only veggies after all πŸ™‚ The sushi is simple and delish and I loved the little desserts as well πŸ™‚

Note: Of cause they had also fish and meat sushi as well as spring rolls and the like for the mixed eaters πŸ™‚


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