The best vegan noodles in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam! [Healthy Farm Vegan Restaurant]

Ho Chi Minh [former Saigon] is my absolute favorite city to date in terms of finding delicious vegan and vegetarian food!!! There is an abundance of little vegan and vegetarian restaurants hidden in the middle of the infamous “Motorbike City”. One of them is called “Healthy Farm” and they even offer a little “Vegan Supermarket” in the back! Come and check out this little gem with me…

The Restaurant Healthy Farm

Thi vegan restaurant offers not only the best vegan noodles I have eaten in Ho Chi Minh city but also a modern and simple style to dine in. It functions more like a Bistro or a “Do it Yourself” Health Fast Food outlet. They only offer vegan food on the menu and in the Supermarket! The restaurant boasts two levels and is AIRCONDITIONED which is super important in South East Asia cause it is always sooo hot


Healthy Farm Vegan Restaurant Location



Link to Healthy Farm Vegan Restaurant

Unfortunately I could not find a website from them but I found reviews on Tripadvisor/Healthyfarm instead. Check out their reviews.


Healthy Farm’s General Vegan Menu

Healthy Farm Menu

Healthy Farm offers a little menu with basic vegan foods such as Vegan Burger, Soups or Vegan “meats”.  The Prices are in Vietnamese Dong [1000 VND = 0.56 AUD or 0.44 USD]. I have not tried the food on this menu because I was totally fixated on the DIY Noodle Bar 🙂


Vegan “Do It Yourself” Noodle Bar!

Healthy Farm DIY Menu

My favorite!!! Here you just grab a basket and tongs and choose what you like as if you are going grocery shopping but here they will also cook it for you on the spot 🙂

This is how it works…

Step 1: Choose your green Veggies

Select any type of fresh green leafy vegetables from the wall or any colored veggies from the fridge.


Step 2: Choose your vegan noodles

Here you can choose from a variety of Noodles to go into your dish. Each Noodle has different prices, so ask them if you are unsure which one has what price 🙂

Healthy Farm Step 2 Noodles


Step 3: Choose your “Vegan Meat”

Select any type of “Vegan Meat” Substitute such as vegan sausage, vegan ham, vgan fish, vegan shrimps and the like. They also offer basic Tofu.

***My favourie is Tofu because it’s the healthiest Protein option to add as a protein source & anything else is just too processed 🙂

If your are interested to learn more about Vegetarian & Vegan Protein Sources click here

Healthy Farm Step 3 Vegan Food


Step 4: Pay at the Cash Register and Receive a Pager

Take you baskets with your chosen delicious goodies and go to the cash register, pay and receive a pager. Here the team member will count and tally the items in your basket and hand it over to the “open Air” kitchen.

We paid in average 55.000 Dong per dish which is 3.20 AUD or 2.40 USD!!!!

Healthy Farm Step 4 Pay and Wait


Step 5: Wait and Pick up the best vegan noodle dish!

Now you only need to wait for your yummy dish to be cooked. Your dish is ready to be collected when the pager starts “buzzing”. At the pick up station you find cutlery, napkins and condiments such as chili, vinegar or soy sauce!

Healthy Farm Supermarket 1


Enjoy the best DIY vegan Noodles in Ho Chi Minh

Health Farm Ready Dish

YUUUUMMMM!!!! They serve this dish every time with a little side of sweetish tasting “soup”. Savas did not like it but I loved it so I chucked it right on top of my noodles 🙂

health Farm Ready Disch 2


The Vegan Supermarket

To top it all off they also sold the “Vegan Meat” substitutes in a little shop at the back if you wanted to take some home 🙂

*Only because it’s “vegan” does not mean it’s healthy. Anything that comes packaged and in cans is highly processed and not a whole food anymore. Consume these items rarely and with caution!


Conclusion about Healthy Farm Vegan Restauant

I think you can tell I am a fan 🙂 You get to eat whole foods whilst you travel and that in the middle of HO CHI MINH! The best part is that you can add as many veggies as you like!!! As you can see I went nuts at Healthy Farm  🙂

Only downfall was that they only had one “taste” or sauce for the DIY Noodles and if you go a few times per week it gets boring 🙁

Healthy Farm HFT


Feel like a Foodie Getaway to find vegan/vegetarian food in Ho Chi Minh City?

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