Thai vegan and vegetarian culinary bliss at Café del Sunshine in Lonely Beach, Koh Chang Thailand!

Who said it’s hard to find vegetarian and vegan food whilst travelling? I guess it’s true in some countries but this is not the case on Lonely Beach on Thailand’s island Koh Chang! Almost every single restaurant in Lonely Beach I walked into offered vegetarian and even vegan dishes! Well, once you asked them to omit the egg and fish sauce that is 🙂 One of the many restaurants that offered a huge variety of delicious vegan and vegetarian Thai dishes was Café del Sunshine…

Location of Café del Sunshine in Lonely Beach, Koh Chang

Café del Sunshine is located on number 1 Koh Chang Tai which is one of the two little side streets that turn off the main street named Koh Chang. Yep, Lonely Beach is that tiny! It truly has only one main street and two little side streets that turn off it which lead to little restaurants, the party district as well as the beach where most of the bungalows are located!

About Café del Sunshine in Lonely Beach

Lonely Beach Koh Chang Cafe del Sunshine outdoor.png

Café del sunshine looks like huge bamboo cottage that literally screams “beach hut paradise”. It functions as a guest house that offers bunk beds as well as little private rooms for really cheap prices, however you truly do get what you pay for! You can check out prices and amenities here oné del Sunshine and compare prices withé del Sunshine. For me personally it was a little too small and hence I paid a bit more elsewhere, but many backpackers are happy with this stay as per the reviews on…

They also offer a billiard table inside the café and a ticket center outside the restaurant where you can rent out scooters, cars as well as organize tours.

I have not personally seen or stayed at the guest house itself so I can’t give you feedback on the accommodation but I truly loved the food and the ambience at their café!!!


Café del Sunshine Restaurant, Lonely Beach

The restaurant is located on the ground floor and is decorated in a very relaxed and bohemian style cottage house. They plays laid back music in the back ground and also offer seating on the second floor and the ability to sit with your PC upstairs. They do not have air-condition but have fans running all day and night to cool down their hungry guests. Well, it’s Lonely Beach after all 🙂 But they offered free WIFI which was a huge bonus!

Lonely Beach Koh Chang Cafe del Sunshine Indoors 2


Café del Sunshine Service/TripAdvisor Feedback Lonely Beach

Lonely Beach Koh Chang Cafe del Sunshine Indoors

The food was absolutely amazing, every single time we went there! And we went almost every day during our 6 week stay in Koh Chang. So, the food truly was consistent, delicious and very cheap! The service was funny. There was one younger girl who was always super friendly and attentive but then there were the not talkative waiters (one guy and one girl), who were, well not talkative at all. They just took the order, nodded and brought the food and that was it. Well I guess as a western city girl you could describe this service as bad but I thought it was actually quite funny 🙂

Anyhow here is the link to TripAdvisor/CafedelSunshine for you to build your own opinion…


Café del Sunshine Lonely Beach menu and prices

Cafe del Sunshine is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We have only visited them for lunch or dinner as we ate breakfast in the hotel. As already mentioned the prices are super cheap and truly affordable. They offer noodle dishes, stir fries and traditional Thai dishes such as curries and dessert!

*Note: You can choose if you want vegetables and tofu or meat added to the dish. As vegan just make sure you tell them that you wish no eggs or fish sauce!

***Note: Even if it does not state on the menu, but if you ask for veggies AND tofu you need to pay extra for both options.


Café del Sunshine Lonely Beach “One Dish” [vegan]

The “One Dish” choice is a smaller and cheaper option as this dish offers the “serve of rice” together with the stir fry on one plate, hence the term “One Dish”. With this option you do not need to order and pay for the “extra rice” as you would with the other dishes. However, the portions are naturally smaller as they fit the rice and the stir fry on the same plate and you end up will less veggies. But I found it the perfect size when I was not too hungry 🙂 

Thai fried rice with mixed vegetables [vegan]

Thai fried rice with mixed vegetables vegan

This is a very simple dish which is exactly what it states on the menu: white rice fried together with mixed veggies and if you chose some tofu. For vegans ensure you tell the waiter NO EGG and NO FISH SAUCE! Really simple and filling dish!

Rice & fried Thai Basil [vegan]

Cafe del Sunshine Lonely Beach rice and fried basil vegan

This Thai stir fry is a fresh and tangy tasting dish as you can taste the fresh basil leaves in every bite! It is served with mixed veggies and you can add tofu at extra cost as well.

Rice & Sweet Chilli Tofu [vegan]

Cafe del Sunshine Loney Beach rice and sweet chilli vegan

Oh I just love sweet chill stir fries!!! Its the sweet and salty combo that bursts on your tongue when you bite into the yummy tofu! I recommend to order this dish with tofu rather than only veggies because the tofu soaks in the sweet chilly sauce and it’s just so yummy 🙂


Café del Sunshine Lonely Beach “Noodle Dishes” [vegan]

With Thai Noodle and rice dishes it is important for a vegan to tell the waiter that you wish no egg and fish sauce in them as all noodle dishes in Thailand always come with egg, even if it is not written on the menu! I learned it the hard way with the eggs 🙁 But my hubby Savas was happy to eat my egg dish too so I could order another 🙂

Fried Large Strip Noodles with dark soy sauce or Pad See Ew [vegan]

Cafe del Sunshine Lonely Beach Roaster Large Strip Noodles.png

This dish is usually known as Pad See Ew which means translated “stir fried soy sauce noodle”. And its exactly that! Large flat rice noodles that are stir fried in soy sauce with mixed veggies and in this case with added tofu. It’s always one of my first noodle choices in Thai restaurants because they usually use loads of green leafy veggies in this dish 🙂

Pad Thai [vegetarian]

Ahh the infamous Pad Thai!  It’s one of Thailand’s well known street foods which you can usually find at any street food markets and portable food stalls as well as restaurants! I would almost say that this is Thailand’s national dish as it is known all over the world and rightly so!

Cafe del Sunshine Lonely Beach Pad ThaiThis dish is always delicious especially if you are crazy about peanuts as I am! Pad Thai consists usually of rice noodles, soy sprouts, egg, sugar and your choice of protein which is tofu for vegetarians. Most restaurants also add some veggies like carrots and cabbage for the “vegetarian” version. It is served with a side of ground peanuts and lime that you squeeze over the dish yourself. On this picture it contains the egg stir fried in and hence its vegetarian 🙂

Fried Yellow Noodles [vegetarian ]

Cafe del Sunshine Lonely Beach vegetarian Fried Yellow Noodles

In comparison to Pad See Ew and Pad Thai I found this dish rather boring. Its  basically fried yellow noodles with mixed veggies. It’s certainly filling but rather basic in terms of the sauce its fried in. I am not sure if the yellow noodles are made of wheat or eggs hence I don’t know if it’s vegan. Sorry guys!


Cafe del Sunshine Lonely Beach traditional Thai Dishes & Stir Fries [vegetarian/vegan]

The Thai dishes at Café del Sunshine are the dishes similar to the one dish, however you have to order additional rice on the side which was around 20 -30 baht. The advantage though is that the dishes are larger and contain more veggies and tofu. And this is where you can find the delicious Thai curries on the menu!!!

Thai Green Curry [vegetarian]

Cafe del Sunshine Lonely Beach Thai vegan green curry

I love curries because I just love the taste of coconut! Coconuts have this sweet and tropical smell and taste creamy but without the dairy in it 🙂

The green curries usually consist of coconut cream, green curry paste (I think it contains shrimp as well as the spices hence vegetarian), palm sugar, fish sauce, Thai eggplant, green pea eggplant and other green veggies. I asked the waiter for no fish sauce and added tofu for my protein source. You have to order your rice extra as well.

Thai Yellow Curry [vegetarian/vegan]

Cafe del Sunshine Lonely Beach vegan Thai Yellow Curry

The Thai yellow curry is usually made with coconut cream, starchy vegetables like potatoes as well as a choice of protein. In this curry we chose tofu and Café del Sunshine added more veggies into this delicious curry than just the potatoes 🙂 The traditional yellow curry paste contains chilies, garlic, shallots, lemongrass, cilantro roots and galangal. You have to order a side of white rice separately to this dish. In terms of taste is less spicy than the green curry and quite a heavy so I ordered it when I was starving cause its really filling!

Thai Massaman Curry [vegetarian/vegan]

Cafe del Sunshine Lonely Beach Massaman Curry vegetarian

The Thai Massaman is said to be a southern Thai dish influenced by the Malaysian and Indian cuisine. This curry is milder in comparison to the other curries in Thailand and the main ingredients are coconut milk, onion, peanuts, potatoes, bay leaves, cardamom, cinnamon, star anise, palm sugar, fish sauce, chili and tamarind sauce. At café del Sunshine you can chose your protein source which in this case is tofu again 🙂 I always asked for no fish sauce to be added. What I loved the most about this curry were the crunchy peanuts in it. YUM!


Thai Dessert [vegetarian/vegan]

Cafe del Sunshine Lonely Beach Dessert Fruits

Café del Sunshine offered a few classic Thai desserts such as fresh fruit, the infamous and most delicious sweet sticky rice and fresh mango [its vegan if you omit the condensed milk] and another one of my favorite desserts in Thailand which is banana cooked in hot sweetened coconut milk! MMHHH my mouth is still watering thinking about their desserts…

I don’t have a picture of the mango or the banana dessert ’cause I ate it faster than I thought about taking a picture of – sorry guys 🙂



It’s obvious from all the dishes I tried there that I loved the food!! It was made fresh every day to order and it was without fail always delicious! The music was relaxing and the café itself provided you with that holiday chill out feeling. The only down was perhaps that they had no AC but the fans worked just fine too! So thumbs up from me it’s definitely worth a visit.

Cafe del Sunshine Lonely Beach HFT

***Note when you travel to Thailand and want to eat vegan food in restaurants that also serve meat dishes its extremely hard to truly guarantee that it is vegan. You can ask to omit the fish sauces etc. but you will never know if its truly done or not. If you wish to guarantee it you need to go to specific vegetarian restaurants which don’t exists in Lonely Beach-yet 🙂


Ready to travel for delicious vegetarian Thai food?

Ready to look and book affordable flights to Thailand?

When I look for affordable flights to islands such as Koh Chang I usually first look at the map and check which bigger city/airport is close to the island because flights to islands and less frequently used airports are usually more expensive. I use Google Flights to check the cheapest days and airports to fly to and then compare flight prices with the booking portals, and to find the best deal for my choses airport.

I then look for either internal airlines such as Bangkok Airways to book internal flights or I look up trains, buses or ferries that can take you to the island as trains and buses are usually much cheaper than flights 🙂 We traveled from Cambodia to Koh Chang by bus and then the ferry which was all included in the price.

Transport from Mainland to Koh Chang Thailand


Looking for an affordable place to stay in Koh Chang, Lonely Beach?

Lonely Beach Koh Chang Sea Flower Resort Bungalow

We stayed at Sea Flower Resort which was a really cute little bungalow complex right near the water – blog coming up with review! Check out rates by using Chang and compare them with Chang. Then select Lonely Beach as the suburb as Koh Chang has many beaches to chose from 🙂


Happy Delicious Travels!



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