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December 10, 2016 / / Health

There are different reasons why people chose to eat no meat or any animal products at all. Some become vegetarians to fight for animal rights, others because they care for the environment and others because it is the healthiest way to eat. Eating a whole food and plant based diet comes with lots of health benefits. This was my reason to look into the vegetarian and vegan lifestyle…

December 3, 2016 / / #restaurant
November 14, 2016 / / Health

It is not easy to stay fit and healthy whilst travelling on a budget at the same time. Healthy foods are usually more expensive and you also tend to eat out much more whilst you travel- especially when you love trying out new sweet treats! So to keep your weight or even lose some weight here are some tips on how to do so on a budget!

November 11, 2016 / / #restaurant

Kuta is the closed location to the airport that offers a beach and even a shopping center! After we spend a month in the quiet Ubud Region we decided to experience some action and check out Kuta Bali. Well that was an experience! Read here about “Things to do in Kuta Bali” and my review about Kuta. Find out about the little vegetarian gem we found hidden in a side street offering affordable and delicious local food. Enjoy 🙂

November 8, 2016 / / Food