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April 21, 2018 / / Food

We need to ensure that our body receives all the essential proteins within a 24 hour period so that we function at our most efficient level. As vegetarians and vegans we need to be mindful that not all the 9 essential amino acids are contained within one plant food. That’s why we need to ensure that we mix our vegetarian protein’s right! How? You can find out in this blog..

January 28, 2017 / / Food

My little sister recently celebrated her wedding at “The Locks” restaurant in Hamburg, Germany. My and her husbands family are not vegetarians or vegans, however my sister was able to organize just for my lonesome a wonderful and refreshing German autumn vegan set menu! The restaurant was beautifully rustic, the food was phenomenal and  the service was outstanding! Check out what I ate at “The Locks” in Hamburg!