A true “Home Away from Home” budget accommodation in Palermo! [Bed & Breakfast Gallidoro]

Palermo what a beautiful and historic city located in Sicily! Of cause you need a nice and good located hotel room if you want to be able to full enjoy the beauty of Palermo. And after trying out several budget accommodations in central Palermo I finally came across this little gem with rooms so comfy that it makes you feel right at home! Come and check it out with me!

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Vegetarian Streetfood in Palermo

When I think of Italy and food I think of Pizza, Pasta and Pannini. Oh yeah, Italy is the carb Paradise and  it’s the same here in Palermo. Finding vegan food in Italy is not easy as they love their cheese. But finding vegetarian food is another story altogether, depending of what type of “Veggo” you are! Check out some vegetarian street foods I was able to discover in Palermo!

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Discover the best Palermo has to offer on the historic Via Maqueda!

What a beautifully preserved and ancient “Shopping” Street! It is wonderful to see how the Italians kept the very old Baroque buildings and turned them into moderns shops where you can find anything from shoes, clothing and food! Come and discover Via Maqueda and its famous Quatro Canti and La Fontana Pretoria with me!

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Discover Palermo: The Time-Honored City of Italy [Travel Guide on what to see in Palermo]

Palermo, what a surprisingly authentic, old and also modern city! This city has stunning Baroque buildings, multi-cultural people and lots of diverse markets! I loved getting “lost” in the side streets of Palermo as you got surrounded by mesmerizing old and new buildings as well as cute little markets where the Sicilian sold the goods by screaming them out! So come and get lost with me…

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The Island of Capri! An Unforgettable Boats-Tour!

I love coming back to Italy to eat amazing food, watch Italians move their hands in the air and to swim in the perfect temperature of the Mediterranean waters. The island of Capri is a beautiful little island with only two suburbs and this time around I indulged in a boatstour around the island of Capri and in this blog you will find out about pricing, what to expect and to see… Read More