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March 25, 2018 / / Food
February 17, 2018 / / Expat

The Speicherstadt is located in the city of Hamburg and known to be a major port city in North Germany. It is something to behold as this is the only location in the world where you will find a 130 years old “city” made out of warehouses which has been build on top of water! Come and check out one of Hamburg’s most visited Tourist attractions and one of UNESCOS World Heritage Sites…

December 25, 2017 / / Expat
December 23, 2017 / / Expat

There is no better time to be in Germany than during Christmas! True, the weather is not something you would want to experience thanks’ to it‘s icy weather, however every city in Germany show cast their lovely „Winter Wonderlands“ the Christmas Markets! Explore the little wooden stalls offering one of the best German street foods available or enjoy beautiful handcrafted Christmas decorations and arts. Come and check Hamburg’s Christmas Market on Spitaler Strasse with me….

October 28, 2017 / / Food
January 28, 2017 / / Food

My little sister recently celebrated her wedding at “The Locks” restaurant in Hamburg, Germany. My and her husbands family are not vegetarians or vegans, however my sister was able to organize just for my lonesome a wonderful and refreshing German autumn vegan set menu! The restaurant was beautifully rustic, the food was phenomenal and  the service was outstanding! Check out what I ate at “The Locks” in Hamburg!