Score the best hotel rooms! 6 tips on how to save money when booking accommodation

When you want to organize your next trip or holidays one of the biggest expenses you have is for accommodation, especially if you are planning to travel for a longer period of time. Nowadays you are able to find all sorts of accommodations, from the classic hotel rooms, the luxury resorts, the guests houses, homestays all the way to hostels and couch surfing. All of them are available online and how to find the best that suits you and how to save the most money you can find out here…

Tip 1: Prepare and calculate your nightly budget for hotel rooms

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Before looking at any websites know how much money you can spend per night before you look for hotels! It is important as you will otherwise get carried away with “nicer looking rooms” that go beyond your budget. This in turn can affect your travel experience as you may need to cut costs for other things such as tours or restaurant visits!


Tip 2: Know the right season to score the best hotel prices

Bed and Breakfast Europe Photo by jimmy teoh from Pexels

Hotels set their rates according to the season, special events, school holidays and any other reason as to why more people would travel. When a lot of people travel the rates go up and can double and sometimes even triple in prices. Events like these are New Years Eve, Easter or School Holidays. These specific periods of time are also known as PEAK SEASON and should be avoided if you wish to save money.

During the times when people do not travel much, the hotels set their prices low as they want to fill the hotel as much as they can. This is the time when you can score really great deals for hotels you could normally not afford! This is also known as OFF PEAK SEASON!

So you want to travel during off peak season to save the most money and to stay at the best hotels! Of cause every country and city has different Peak and Off Peak seasons, so you need to do some research before you choose the time of travel. But ion general here are some pointers to look out for:

Example of hotel peak season [High Hotel Prices]

  • Weekends [Friday and Saturday]
  • New Years Eve, especially the week before and after in major cities like Sydney, Paris or New York
  • School Holidays especially Summerbreak (check for dates in your own and destination country!)
  • Public Holidays such as Easter or Christmas
  • Special Events such as in Sydney the Mardi Gras in March or the Yoga Festival in Bali

Example of hotels off peak season [Low Hotel Prices]

  • Plan your holiday in advance! If you plan at least 8-12 month ahead you find great “early bird” deals!
  • Sundays/Mondays are the hardest days to fill for hotels so you find the best deals
  • Winter Month & Christmas
  • January is always low season in Western Countries
  • Right after school holidays
  • In Australia May- August unless there is a special event
  • In Europe January to March and in November

Tip 3: The location of your hotel determines the price

Seine Notre Dame

The closer to the “action/center” the hotel is located the more expensive the hotel! The best example are major cities. If you want to stay right in the center of Paris or New York you pay top prices for the hotels, even if the hotel is only a 2-3 star hotel! But if you research [Google or Bing] the surrounding areas with great train or bus connections then you can save a lot of money per night!

Once I know my suburb compare prices with, or and add the location into the filter.


Tip 4: Choose your room facilities to lower prices

Hotel facilities

You can also lower your prices when selecting room types and room facilities. So its important to know prior what is important to you! This helps to refine your search and make it easier to find great priced stays! For example:

  • Free WIFI
  • Private bathroom or shared bathroom [shared is cheaper]
  • Air-condition or Fan? [Fan is cheaper]
  • Outdoor Pool [the ones without pool are cheaper]
  • Minibar or Fridge
  • Balcony or Views [no views are cheaper]

Tip 5: Use the right booking portals

Every booking portal has its advantage and disadvantage, depending on where you go and what you are looking for! Here are tips for what I use and when I use…

BB Gallidoro Minibar

Countries to use really is a one fits all portal. That’s why its truly my favorite and my affiliate. I have been using it myself for many years for hotel bookings around the world .

Advantage of

  1. Easy to navigate platform
  2. Search functions for price, locations & facilities
  3. Offers Hostels, Bed and Breakfast, Hotels, Resorts and Apartment Hotels
  4. Genuine Guest Feedback to help you to get a true idea of the hotel
  5. Save to use for payments
  6. Ability to Call or Email ANYTIME and ANYWHERE
  7. Easy to cancel bookings unless it’s non-refundable!
  8. Create your own profile which saves the hotels you stayed in

Disadvantage of

  1. The page goes to the default currency of the country you are in at the time. Just check the top!
  2. Watch out for NON-Refundable bookings as you can’t cancel them!
  3. Check if booking is to be paid BEFORE via credit card or if pay the hotel DIRECTLY.

Find Hotel Deals Here BOOKING.COM/Homepage


Countries to use

I use this booking portal mostly when booking hotel rooms in Australia and Asia as it offers a wider choice of Guesthouses and Bed & Breakfasts. However is also widely used in Europe as it offers Hostels, Bed&Breakfast, Hotels or Resorts.

Advantage of Agoda

  1. They have a wide variety of hostels, Bed & Breakfast and Hotels for Asia
  2. Selections of Hostels, Bed & Breakfasts, Apartments, Hotels and Resort
  3. Offer the best prices for Asian hotel rooms!
  4. Genuine Guest feedback which helps you to get a true idea of the hotel
  5. Create your own profile which saves your hotels you stayed in!

Disadvantage of Agoda

  1. The page goes to default currency depending on which country you are in [Check the top]
  2. They show prices PER NIGHT not for the WHOLE stay!
  3. Watch out for Non-Refundable bookings as they can not be cancelled
  4. Messy page & little harder to navigate

Find Hotel Deals Here


Bedrm 2

AIRBNB let’s you stay in someone else’s home. So if you don’t like this idea, then just skip this part 🙂

Countries to use for

Major Cities, Little island, Australia, Europe, US, Canada, UK

Advantage of AIRBNB

  1. Very cheap stays for expensive cities or small towns and Islands such as Paris, Sydney or Capri
  2. Offers Whole Houses, Apartments, Campervans, shared rooms in Apartment etc
  3. Offer fully equipped apartments/houses with kitchen and washing machine
  4. Great for long stay’s as it’s fully furnished & lower prices can be negotiated directly with host!

Disadvantage of AIRBNB

  1. Do not use it for Asia because you can find cheaper stays on booking portals
  2. You are staying in someone else’s home which can be uncomfortable
  3. It’s complicated to get the keys and leave your luggage as opposed to hotels
  4. Ability to book a room takes time as you need to wait for hosts approval/response
  5. No Hotel service such as luggage storage, easy check in/out, wake up call, concierge etc

Find Rooms here AIRBNB/Homepage

Hotel bed blanket Photo by from Pexels


Expedia offers hotels, flights, cruises, car hires and packages that include all that and more. So if you are looking just of the single item or if you want to book packaged that include flights and hotel Expedia is the page to go. I personally use Expedia mostly for flights as they do not charge additional booking fees. More about flights Here

Countries to use: Like, Expedia is used ANYWHERE in the world

Advantage of Expedia

  1. Able to book packages: hotels with flights or car hire
  2. Able to book multi layovers at the flight section
  3. Able to book cruises as well
  4. Add on of insurance
  5. Ability to search by price per night, location or facilities
  6. Offers Hotels, Resorts, Holiday homes, Apartments, Hostels or Guesthouses
  7. Shows TripAdvisor guest feedback

Disadvantage of Expedia

  1. The page goes to default currency depending on which country you are in [Check the top]
  2. They show prices PER NIGHT not for the WHOLE stay!
  3. Watch out for Non-Refundable bookings as they can not be cancelled
  4. Messy page & little harder to navigate

Find bookings and packags here Expedia/Homepage

Tip 6 : Walk into hotels


Many times you get the best prices when just walking into your chosen hotel and ask the reception for the best rate they can offer you. Why? Because the hotel can save money on commissions when you book with them directly. Most of the time hotels need to pay booking portals like or commissions per the total revenue them make of each booking. This is why hotel prefer that you book directly with us. Small or large hotels prefer direct bookings 🙂

Especially in Asia when you walk into guest houses, hostels and bed and breakfast you often find that they are much cheaper when you walk in OR they do not even exist online because they do not like to pay commissions. It’s absolutely worth your time to walk around and check out guesthouses/hotels by foot, especially if you stay for longer periods of time 🙂 Do not do this in capital cities like Sydney or Paris though, here you pay double!


These are a few tips on how you can save a lot of money when looking for the cheapest and best hotel rooms around the world. Just make sure you “google” the locations peak and off peak seasons as well as special events in that specific area to save the most money and do some tweaks around the amenities and the location and off you go 🙂


Caught the Travel bug?

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Ready to book your hotel rooms? Then compare prices between the two most used hotel booking platforms AGODA.COM and!

Happy Travels!

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