Raclette on New Years Eve- a cheesy melt-together for the whole family!

Many Europeans enjoy a “Raclette Night” on New Years Eve and my husband from Australia asked me with huge eyes “What the heck is Raclette?” Well, Raclette is a delicious and leisurely way to enjoy an entire evening with family and friends, eating for hours around the “Raclette-Grill” and creating little cheezy delights!

It’s the perfect way to entertain a large group of people and socialize whilst eating cheesy goodness! The best around this table is that vegetarians, meat eaters and even vegans can enjoy a hearty meal together!

Raclette and Me Yum


The Cheesy Raclette Origin

Raclette is a Swiss cheese and was named Raclette because hundreds of years ago shepherds and farmers placed the semi-hard cheese close to the fire to make it softer. The melted cheese was then “scraped off” the large piece of cheese and placed on top of bread, boiled potatoes or vegetables. Raclette is French and literally means “to scrape off”. More info’s and the source of avobe information here!


The modern Raclette-Grill used in Germany

It’s a mini-sized BBQ that has a tiny grill on the top of the device. So, you basically have a small BBQ party on top of your dinner table! AWESOME!

Raclette Grill ENG


What to grill on the Raclette on New Years Eve?

Anything you want of cause! Add small bite-sized pieces of marinated meat, sausages, bacon, fish or prawns onto the grill.

Raclette Grill Platter ENG

The vegetarian and vegan New Years Eve Raceltte choices

Vegetarian & Vegan Option

There are plenty of vegetarian and vegan meat-substitutes: From Tofu, meatless sausages to fake steak and bacon! Here in Germany you can find it all! Just ask your family to leave a corner of the BBQ for yourself to grill your “meat” on.

For the “cheese” option vegans just add vegan cheese instead of the Raclette cheese on top of the veggies! Some variations to add onto the Raclette pan: Broccoli, onion, mushrooms, corn, capsicum, zucchini, avocado or beans…

Raclette Filler Veggie 3


How the Raclette works

At the bottom of the grill you will find a little “oven” where you place little pans to melt the cheese on and start the cheese- melting fun!

Raclette Pan Oven

Step 1: Grab your pan and add any veggies you like

Step 2: Place the cheese you want to melt on top of the veggies.

Raclette Pan Filling step 2 Cheese

Step 3: Place the pan into the Raclette-Oven and wait a few minutes…

Raclette in den Ofen

Step 4: Eat the melted-delight and fill your belly with loads of variations 🙂

Raclette Pan Finished


As side dishes are usually boiled potatoes, pickles, bread and dips served.



Our friend Jessika made a delicious North-German Dessert with an Italian twist! Little glass jars filled with a red cherry jelly (German) topped with a light mascarpone cream (Italian) and decorated with homemade cinnamon shaped stars cookies. OMG it was soooo delicious! Thank you Jessika!


A typical treat on New Years Eve in Germany accompanied with the sparkling wine at midnight are Berliners!

Berliners are traditional German cakes and similar to doughnuts. Instead of the whole in the middle they are filled with jam. BUT on New Years Eve the come in tons of diverse fillings such as champagne, liquor, chocolate or vanilla 🙂

Dessert Berliner ENG



I can’t think of a better way to start into the New Year other than sitting comfortably at a table with loved ones and relish the slowness of the dinner as well as the delightful food!!!

Happy New Year 2018
Mirabella, my 11 year old niece wrote us all a New Year wish letter 🙂

I wish you all a relaxed and comfortable start into the New Year 2018!


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