Paradiso Ubud in Bali: Enjoy organic vegan & raw vegan food whilst watching a movie at the Cinema!

Only in Ubud are you able to find a cinema that serves you during the movie organic vegan and raw vegan dishes! The food is served from the vegan restaurant named “Earth CafĂ©” next door. I was absolutely thrilled and amazed by this concept!! Check out the Cinema, their delicious food and prices with me 🙂

Location of Paradiso Ubud Cinema



Price per movie ticket at Paradiso Ubud Cinema


The price per tickets was in 2016 50k which is around 4 USD/ 5 AUD/ 3 EUR 

Paradiso Ubuds movie tickets advantage

The amazing part of purchasing this incredible cheap ticket is that Paradiso Ubus actually credit’s the 50k you paid per movie ticket towards the restaurant bill!!! That’s right! So if you purchase food and beverages during the movies and your total bill is for example 80k you only end up paying at the end of the movies 30k (80k less 50k from the already paid movie ticket). I think this is just amazing!

Earth Cafe’s vegan, vegetarian and raw vegan meals at Paradiso Ubud

There is a huge choice of  vegan, vegetarian and even raw vegan food options that is served and prepared from Earth Café which is part of the Cinema complex. On the menu Earth Café outlines what meal is vegetarian, vegan or raw vegan.

Vegan Veggie Burrito


The delicious veggie burrito is made with whole meal tortilla and filled with brown rice and roasted veggies and hummus dip. Healthy, wholesome and just tasty to the max!

The Vegan Burger
The vegan bean burger is made with a white burger bun and layered with lettuce, tomatoes, onion and chickpea patty. The burger is topped with hummus dip and served with homemade tomato-sauce and some potato wedges. The burger was also delish, however they could have served some more fries. But for this you can order side dishes!

The Vegan Dragon Bowl Salad

OMG this was my favorite and I certainly ordered it a few times whilst I stayed in Ubud over the 6 weeks!!! The salad mostly consists of raw veggies and is served with cold Udon noodles, guava fruit and a very nice homemade citrus dressing. Just finger-licking-good and so super healthy!!!
Check out Earth Cafe’s website to find more info;s abou their absolutely healthy and delicious foods!

How ordering food works at Paradise Ubud


As you walk into the cinema you will find seats without tables and seats with tables. On the tables you will find the food and beverage menu. Before the movie seats waiters will come to your table and take your order.
The friendly staff then brings the food to you after the movie starts and you eat whilst watching the movie 🙂 If you want to order more during the movies such as a dessert all you need to do is lift your hand into the air and a waiter will come and take your order.
At the end of the movie they bring you the bill to the table and you give them your movie ticket to credit you the 50k and pay.

Side info’s about Paradiso Ubud

1. You need to take off your shoes before you enter the movies

2 I advise to take a jumper and/or socks with you as it is quiet cold in there which is great but you can easily get sick walking from super hot air from outside to very cold indoors…
3. It is dark when you eat which is a little disadvantage in my opinion as I love to see my food whilst I am eating but it still is an experience and yummy!

4. The movies time tables are displayed outside the cinema or on their own website Paradiso Ubud

5. They do not show a lot of block buster and latest movies. But they show classics and documentaries which I found really great!!! We watched for example the documentary “Food Matters” which also fits with the whole “vegan CafĂ©” theme 🙂 However if you wish to watch the latest movie you would have missed at home I don’t think you will be able to find it…


I absolutely loved it. The whole idea of dining and watching a movie in general is amazing and adding to this you also get to chose from a huge variety of vegan and raw vegan foods with is an additional bonus. Then you get some nice AC which is a reprieve from the super hot weather too!
Go and check it out when you are in Ubud because it’s definitely worth it!!! The food was yummy and healthy and it was just a different movie experience from the conventional movie theaters you are used to.

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Happy Delicious Travels!
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