Live your Dream Life Part 2: Make “Rich Dad” Choices & know Assets FROM Liabilities

With 22 years my husband gave me the book Rich Dad Poor Dad from Robert Kiyosaki and it truly changed my life. Robert explains on how to spend your money “smart” in order to be financially free which enables you to live your dream life…

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Live your Dream Life Part 1: What are you passionate about? [Set your Goals]

Are you unhappy with your life or your work? Do you think it is impossible to change your life?

In this Series I share my thoughts and experiences on how I reached to live my dream life. Starting with answering the question “what are you truly passionate about?”as it helps define what it is you truly want in life. This is the first step to reach your dream or to find “happiness”: Setting your goals!

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Are you CHASING “stuff” and missing out the NOW?

If there is one thing I came to realize since I stopped working one year ago it’s that live just fly’s past you without you even realizing it!

In the past 10 years I have been very busy chasing stuff. I did not appreciate the little moments of live-except for Holidays…

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Is Dairy Poisonous? 5 reasons why you should minimize or stop dairy!

Hi Guys,

Recent statistics and studies show that the bone disease osteoporosis and breast cancer are much higher in the western world than in Asian countries. Some statistic show the conjunction of dairy products and the increase of chronic diseases such as cancer or osteoporosis.

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The BEST Hand-Pulled Chinese Noodles in Sydney [Chinatown]

Hi guys,

Around 8 years ago we discovered a small family run Chinese Noodle House behind Sydney’s Chinatown/Haymarket that makes the best HANDMADE Chinese Noodles, dumplings and other Chinese dishes I have ever eaten! Since I am vegetarian I am rating the vegetarian/vegan dishes we love to eat there!

The Best thing: It’s totally affordable!!!

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Sydney’s culinary and multicultural Chinatown & The Haymarket’s

I just love Sydney’s Chinatown!!! It has the BEST ASIAN Food I have eaten so far and what makes it so extremely awesome is that you find food from all Asian countries in one spot: from Thai to Korean, Chinese, Japanese over Malaysian Roti’s…It’s all here represented with its amazing restaurants and food courts.

And right next door is Sydney’s Haymarket, also know as Paddys Market… Come and take a walk with me 🙂

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