“Our Lady of Paris”. The majestic cathedral of Notre Dame!

The Notre Dame is in my opinion one of the most magnificent and elegant structures in Paris. It is just awe- inspiring to see what humans were and are capable of creating and putting into reality. Have a look at “Our Lady of Paris “ and find out what makes her so special…


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About Notre Dame

Notre Dame is a catholic cathedral that has been completed 1345 and took almost 200 years to build! It is known to be one of the best examples of the French Gothic architectures there are.

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The Main Entrance

As I started walking towards the main entrance my mouth opened more and more as the detailed work of so many little and big statues come into view.

Notre Dame Doors Outside

Notre Dame Facade.png

Of cause there are the famous gargoyles and if you look closely you will also find the devil hidden in between statues below…


Tympanum of the Last Judgement

The tympanum is a semi-circular or triangular decorative surface over an entrance that often contains sculptures. On religious buildings they usually contain religious symbols. In Gothic architecture they have a more vertical shape, coming to a point at the top.

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Notre Dame Door detailled

Flying Buttress

Notre Dame is known to be one of the first cathedrals to have used the “Flying Buttress” structure which is a specific form of an arch that has been constructed in the inside as well as outside of buildings…

Source Info: Wikipedia.com


Inside the Cathedral

The inside is just as impressive as the outside. She is around 130 meters long and can seat up to 9000 people! What catches your eye are the gorgeous arches or “flying buttresses” placed all over the cathedral.

Notre Dame Indoor chapel

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Another spectacular sight are the “Rose-Windows” that will provide you with a beautiful play of color and light when the sun shines through…

Notre Dame Chapel Windows

…and are placed throughout the entire cathedral!


The Organ

Notre Dame hosts concerts that I would strongly recommend to visit!


First: The cathedral is almost empty and you have the most amazing views of the entire church and don’t have to fight for a spot to take a picture! Second: You get to hear the organ play!!!!

Notre Dame Chapel Organ

The Organ consist of 7952 pipes and when it is played it creates the most beautiful sounds! Especially inside the church as the sounds echoes through the large hall.

We listened to an organ play and its sound effects took you someplace else…

Most amazing, was that only one person played that evening but it sounded like an entire orchestra was playing and he looked so tiny next to this humongous instrument!!! The Organist only said afterwards that it is a huge honor to be able to play this particular instrument! I can only imagine.


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There is so much detail and history in this one cathedral that you should make some time in your Paris schedule to see it for yourself and if you can then go to a concert! I guess the French don’t call Notre Dame ” Our Lady of Paris” for nothing as this is exactly what she is- the Pearl of Paris 🙂



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