Lush & exotic budget accommodation in Ubud, Bali

The biggest expense you have when travelling on a budged is the accommodation and therefore I decided to share with you two guest houses, one we stayed in and the other we contemplated about. We stayed in the infamous Ubud in Bali for almost 6 weeks because it truly was a relaxing and culturally lovely region in Bali just as Elizabeth Gilbert described in her beautiful and witty book “eat, pray and love”. Check out these simple, affordable and great guesthouses with me…

Guest House “Fibra Inn Bungalow” with pool 


The Fibra Ubud is a small and yet very exotic guest house. It greets you with an abundance of palms, plants and colorful flowers as well as local Balinese statues!

Fibra Inn Bungalow Location in Ubud

The Fibra Ubud is located along the “Monkey Forrest Road” which is a much busier road than “Jalan Hanoman Road” and definitely more touristy as it is located close to the monkey forest. The monkey forest, as the name suggests, is a tourist attraction which invites tourists to walk into the forest and to experience the monkeys in their natural habitat! Therefore you will find a lot of restaurants, bars and little shops around this area. As the years go on you will unfortunately find more tourist attraction than culture:(

Longstay rates for Fibra Inn Bungalow

The Fibra Ubud offered us a 1 month stay in 2016 at  275k (22 USD / 27 AUD) per night including breakfast (toast, fruit and coffee) or 250 (20 USD/ 25 AUD) without breakfast

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Fibra Inn room amenities

AC, minibar fridge, king bed, balcony/terrace, free WIFI, separate bathroom with large wall mirror, nice décor and pool views. In general cleaner than our current hotel.

Fibra Inn hotel amenities


The Fibra Ubud offers two pools one large and one small, 1 spa, a large relaxing and luscious garden, outdoor seating for breakfast and a large restaurant which you can enjoy for dinner at the entrance of the hotel.

Dewa Bungalows with view and a pool



Location of Dewa Bungalow Ubud Bali

The Dewa Bungalow is located on “Jalan Hanoman Road”  which a far less touristy road and therefore much calmer! Other advantages for this location is that it is located close to Paradiso Ubud- The organic vegetarian/vegan Cinema as well as the Kafe Ubud an organic vegetarian, vegan & raw vegan restaurant


Longstay rates for Dewa Bungalow, Ubud Bali

We were quoted in March 2016 for a one month stay the nightly rate of 200k (16 USD / 20AUD) including Indonesian breakfast buffet and free Wifi

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Dewa Bungalow room amenities


The Dewa Bungalows rooms offer AC, one double bed and 1 single bed in the same room, balcony, TV, separate bathroom, small mirror and a cloth rack to hang your cloth outside to dry. BONUS!!!

Hotel amenities


The Dewa Bungalows offer one restaurant located on the street, one pool and a very nice green walkway with palms and exotic trees but no garden as such. You will also see the kids form the owner running around after school. Once a week when you return at night to your room you will also encounter something like a “music class” in the hotel property. There are local kids and adults playing Balinese music which you can hear all the way to your room which was just fantastic! Other tourist pay money to sit down and listen to true Balinese music 🙂

The buffet breakfast


The daily buffet breakfast consisted of seasonal fruit, toast with jam, butter and always one warm Indonesian breakfast option such as rice with curry, Nasi Goreng (rice dish) or Bami Goreng (noodle dish).

What was really thoughtful of the Dewa team was that they cooked me every morning a fresh vegetarian option of the current meal. Thank you guys!!!


We ended up deciding for the Dewa Bungalow as it was right on our budget, offered AC , great views, balcony and a pool and it had an Indonesian breakfast buffet. Plus we had the best room in the house which was on the 2nd floor boasting with a balcony overlooking Ubud with floor to ceiling windows.  That was a 180 degree view of Ubud and their typical houses. WE LOVED IT!!!

Ubud in general is an amazing place to visit and experience different cultures and lifestyles more on things to do in Ubud here!

That’s it. I hope this helped a little bit when hunting for the best hotel and the cheapest rate.

Happy Travels!


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