Live your Dream Life Part 1: What are you passionate about? [Set your Goals]

Are you unhappy with your life or your work? Do you think it is impossible to change your life? In this Series I share my thoughts and experiences on how I reached to live my dream life. Starting with answering the question “what are you truly passionate about?” as it helps define what it is you truly want in life. This is the first step to reach your dream or to find “happiness”: Setting your goals!

Imagine you are free!

Free WM

You wake up in the morning and you do not need to get ready to go to work- ever again…

What will you do with your day? Week? Month? Year? Decade?

Take a note pad and answer the questions! It is not an easy question to answer because the first thing will be “holidays”, “read books”, “doing nothing”, “travel the world.” And then??? This is were you hit the point were you think about your PASSION. What makes your truly happy?

Your Passion is usually the stuff you would do for FREE- without payment!

What does “being rich” mean to you?

Many authors of self-help books will ask you this exact question because it is the first step to finding out what you are passionate about.

Imagining that you have the millions already in your pockets drives you to think about  your purpose in life. Once the basic “needs” are covered like shelter, safety, food & water and clothing we are ready to free our mind for self actualization.

This is also known as Maslows Hierarchy of Needs:


Believe it or not, but answering this question and finding your passion is the hardest part!!! Once you know the answer all you need to do is PLAN HOW to reach the goal 🙂

So, imagine all your basic needs are set, you have millions in your pocket. Ask yourself:

What would my dream life look and feel like? What would I be doing? Where would I be? With whom would I be?

That’s how I found my passion…

Thinking about “being free to chose what I want to do with my day” helped me see what I truly love doing, for free, which is study about health and nutrition, travel and experience other cultures and places and eat loads of amazing vegetarian food. And write all about it 🙂

If you are passionate about the things you do, then your life is a holiday!

I found my goal. Now I had to plan how to reach it and take action. I needed an income without needing to go to work. More More Here!

Books that helped me change my life:

  1. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R Covey
  2. Screw Work Let’s Play by John Williams
  3. How to Make Money out of thin air by Brian Sher
  4. The Richest Man in Babylon by George Samuel Clarson


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