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Koh Chang is Thailand’s second largest Island with about 5000 residents and means translated “Elephant Island” thanks to the shape of the island itself. It used to be a very remote and quiet island with only a few tourist appearing here and there. However due to the increase of tourism, Koh Chang has become more populated and therefore more  resorts and hotels have risen in the past decade. It is not as busy as Phuket or Koh Samui yet and therefore still a lovely destination for a more quiet holiday. However the peak season between the cooler month November to February can be very crowed, even on Koh Chang.  We visited Lonely Beach which is one of the furthest part of Koh Chang when leaving from the ferries. Come and check out what makes this little remote part of Koh Chang so attractive…

How to get to Koh Chang from the mainland

Koh Chang can only be reach via a ferry as it does not have it’s own airport. The closest airport to Koh Chang is “Trat City” which is on the main land. From there you can catch a bus that takes you directly to one of the 2 main Ferry stations that take you to Koh Chang which are called Ao Thammachat (Fast Ferry) or Center Point Pier Dan Kao (slow ferry). Each ferry ride cost around 80 baht per person one way.

Koh Chang Bus and Ferry

We took a bus all the way from Phnom Penh Cambodia to Koh Chang which took us across the boarder and they directly to the pier. The price was 21 USD per person and took around 12 hours. We then had to pay an additional 120 baht for the ferry ride which included the minibus to take us all the way to Lonely Beach.

Border between Cambodia and Thailand

Getting Around Koh Chang

Koh Chang Songtheaw to Lonely BeachThe only public transportation to get around Koh Chang is by “Songtheaw” which are little vans with an opening at the back where you basically hop on if you want to hitch a ride. The prices from the ferry to the following destinations are around 50 Baht to get to the “White Sands”, 100 Baht to Lonely and 150 Baht to Bang Bao per person. Once you arrive at your destination you can take the Songtheaw to other parts of Koh Chang where the prices are similar per ride, per person. Alternatively you can always rent a scooter 🙂

Lonely Beach Habitat and Weather

Koh Chang Loneley Beach Plantkingdom

Lonely Beach is surrounded by mountains, lush vegetation and wildlife such as monkeys, snakes, elephants and deer’s. Another beautiful feature of Lonely Beach is of cause the beach 🙂

Koh Chang Loneley Beach Monkeys

Climate in Koh Chang

The climate is similar to the weather in Bangkok. The cooler months are between November to February being around 26-32 degrees also being the peak seas for tourists in Thailand and therefore the prices for accommodation and flights are higher. The hot summer months are between March to May which are around 32-36 degrees. The wet or rainy season is between June to October which is of cause the off-peak season and therefore the cheapest time to visit Koh Chang.

Restaurants in Lonely Beach with vegetarian/vegan options

Cafe del Sunshine Lonely Beach Thai vegan green curry

The are a number of restaurants that offer tofu as a meat substitute for all their dishes. Just make sure when you order noodle dishes to specify that you wish no egg and fish sauce if you are a vegan! Some of these restaurants are:

  1. Café del Sunshine
  2. Baanmai Restaurant
  3. Little Wing Kitchen
  4. Thale
  5. Dangs Seafood Restaurant

Loneley Beach Main Road: Soi Koh Chang Road

Koh Chang Loneley Beach main road Koh Chang 1

There is only one main road in Lonely beach which is named Koh Chang Road. On the main road you are able to catch the “Songtheaw” as well as find a Seven Eleven, Currency Exchange, Hostels and Restaurants.

There you will also be able to find little fresh food stores, convenience stores, more restaurants and a pharmacy as well as some clothing shops and even a gym.

Koh Chang Loneley Beach main road Koh Chang Clothes store

Then there are two little streets that break off the main stre

Side street “Soi Tian Chai” in Lonely Beach

Koh Chang Loneley Beach Soi Tian Chai 1

Soi Tian Chai road is one of the two little side streets that lead off the main road of Lonely Beach. This streets leads you directly to a choice of restaurants such as the “Café del Sunshine” or “Little Wing Kitchen” which offers variation of vegetarian and vegan dishes, hostels and the “night club” district as well as tattoo shops.

The road leads down all the way one part of the “stone beach” of lonely beach where the Sea Flower Resort is located.

Koh Chang Loneley Beach Soi Tian Chai Stone Beach

Side Street “Soi Tian Chai 2” in Lonely Beach

Koh Chang Loneley Beach Soi Tian Chai 2

Soi Tian Chai 2 starts off with a tailor shop and a “Roti and Smoothie Stall” on the corner. This road then leads past a few hostels and bungalows and even has a little connection road that connectes Soi Tian Chai and Soi Tian Chai 2.

Koh Chang Loneley Beach Soi Tian Chai 2 Roti Stall

This road also leads to a lovely modern café that is right at the beach front and of cause the stone beach itself!

The Beach at Lonely Beach

Lonely Beach is of cause one of the main attractions of Lonely Beach itself. You only need to walk about 10 minutes from the main street Koh Chang and you will arrive at the white sandy Beach of Lonely Beach! The sand is fine white sand and the water is warm just as anywhere in Thailand. Thanks to the tree line along the beach you will also be able to find shady spots to sit which a few scattered public wooden chairs to sit on as well…

Here you will be able to find a couple of resorts right at the beach, a few bungalows, some bars with music playing, an open air cinema, restaurants and even a pool to use for a price.

Koh Chang white sand Lonely Beach sunset 3

Another beautiful time at the beach are the sunsets of cause!

Koh Chang white sand Lonely Beach sunset 2

This swing is a favourite for tourist to take pictures of 🙂

Koh Chang white sand Lonely Beach sunset 1

Ready to explore Koh Chang and experience Lonely Beach?

When I look for affordable flights to islands such as Koh Chang I usually first look at the map and check which bigger city/airport is closest to the island. For Koh Chang the nearest airport/city is Trat. I then use Google Flights to find the cheapest days to fly and then compare flight prices for international flights with the booking portals Skyscanner.com, AirAsia.com and Expedia.com to find the best deal for my chosen airport. If I fly from Europe I also check out Eurowings.com! For more info’s about finding cheap flights in general click HERE!

To find affordable accommodation in Lonely Beach I use mostly agoda.com/Koh Chang
and compare it with booking.com/Koh Chang. Just make sure you narrow the search down to Lonely Beach if this is the place you wish to stay. I may also check out the my blog about the Sea Flower Resort where I stayed whilst visiting Lonely Beach. More tips on how to save money on accommodation HERE!!

Happy Travels!

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