Kuta Bali travel guide & a great vegetarian restaurant [What I liked and didn’t like about Kuta]

Kuta is the closed location to the airport that offers a beach and even a shopping center! After we spend a month in the quiet Ubud Region we decided to experience some action and check out Kuta Bali. Well that was an experience! Read here about “Things to do in Kuta Bali” and my review about Kuta. Find out about the little vegetarian gem we found hidden in a side street offering affordable and delicious local food. Enjoy 🙂

1.Kuta Bali’s Beach


We visited Bali when it was REALLY HOT and therefore we wanted to go someplace with a beach. Thankfully Kuta did offer just that and it truly was beautiful at the beach after 5pm! Anything before 5pm was just too excruciatingly hot! We tried it on our first day and realized really fast that it was not a place to be during the day, especially if you don’t want to pay for beach chairs as these were the only sports under the trees. Anything that was for “Free” was right in the hot sun which I thought was a little bit unfair. Anyway, after 5pm you will encounter a low tide and you can go for wonderful long walks along the water, go for a long jog along the water and even for a swim! It was just amazing at this time!!!


On a general BEACH SCALE I must say that I have seen much nicer beaches and less crowded ones before. All around the beach are vendors selling beach chairs, drinks, Hannah – tattoos, bracelets and the like. So if you want to go there and relax without being talked to every 5 seconds- well that’s not a beach to go to.

But you can get used to things and you develop some tricks to avoid all that: you just race past them and straight to the water front and that’s that.  But then you don’t have any shade from the scorching hot sun…


2. Kuta Beachwalk Shopping Mall

Close to the beach is a small shopping mall with AC!!! Oh yeah baby. Great place to cool down and to shop. There are the usual places like Top Shop Top Man, Zara or Guess. You will also find a supermarket at the bottom floor as well as restaurants at the top floor. There is also a Star Bucks and a Gloria Beans were we sat and worked using the available free Wifi…



3. Enjoy a Movie Night at the Cinema at Kuta’s Shopping Mall

The shopping mal also offered a movie cinema which was a great escape to the heat during the day. The ticket was only 50k (3 USD/ 5AUD/ 2.50 EUR) and they showed the current Blockbuster movies in ENGLISH. With AC and Popcorn definitely a nice little escape for the hot sun during that day as you wont be able to enjoy the beach anyway 🙂


4. Taste a Delicious Teat at Bread Life Kuta Bali

In the shopping Mall you will also find the bakery “Bread Life”. This is a famous Asian bakery brand that create affordable little baked goods such as milky breads, sweet buns and even “pizza” style breads. Some were very naughty in terms of sugar content, but with this heat you needed a little energy pick me up! Another perk of Bread Life was the available FREE WIFI that you could use when you sat at their table. This cafĂ© is not AC’ed but located in a corner where you got some nice wind currents.



5. Discover a typical Indonesian restaurant at Kuta

We stayed on  Poppy’s Lane II (this is the road that takes you to the beach and shopping mall) and one of those little side streets off Poppies Lane II took you to an Indonesian restaurant.

The Restaurant (had no name)


This restaurant, well I guess you could call it more an “eat in” offered a buffet  at the very end. Here they cook the food in the kitchen and place the dishes on display behind a “glass counter”.

When you decided what you want to eat you go to the counter and are immediately asked if you want rice. If you do they grab a plate add rice in the middle of the plate and then they wait for you to point at the dishes you like to eat with your finger and they start to place your choices around the rice.

This little Kuta restaurant had a really great choice of vegetables, tofu and tempeh dishes which changed daily and so super cheap.

They also offered A la Carte menu where you could find vegetarian  Gado Gado with Tofu and peanut sauce and rice noodle dish with vegetables.

All up we spend 17k which is around 1.30 USD/ 1.70 AUD/ 1.20 EUR


What I didn’t like about Kuta in Bali

1.It’s too touristy in Kuta Bali

It is just so extremely touristy and if you don’t like touristy then you really wont like Kuta. It is full of clothing stands, bars, night clubs and pubs. All the main streets were just packed with them and at every turn you go asked to come in and have a beer. Now, if you love drinking and clubbing Kuta is just right for you but if not- well you gotta avoid the main streets!

2. Kuta beach has too many vendors

As already mentioned Kuta Beach is overthrown by vendors and you truly can’t escape them at all. Even if you walk along the water and it is clear you truly don’t want to purchase anything you will get approached by people asking if you want a massage or water ski… it is a shame as it takes away from its natural beauty especially during the sunset.

3. No Balinese culture to see in Kuta Bali

Unlike in Ubud were you see locals walking around in their traditional clothing or placing lovingly the offerings every morning in form of their houses and shops you can hardly see any offerings or Balinese culture ion Kuta. You may see the occasional offering on the streets and the hotel/homestays have a Balinese flair with nice tropical gardens but on the main streets it is just plastered with touristy stalls/night clubs/bars. So you would not experience anything that has to do with the Balinese culture here which truly is a shame…. Read more about Ubud here




Would I go back to Kuta? Probably not as I rather go and explore other beach areas in Bali before I want back to Kuta. It was a little disappointing to have the Balinese culture disappear from sight and to be taken over by shops, bars and pubs. I guess if you go to Bali to party Kuta is the right place for you but if you are after relaxing and cultural experiences when you travel, than Kuta should be avoided or visited for 23 days max in my opinion.

I guess it sure counts as an experience I never had before and therefore it was worth going there 🙂


Ready to discover Kuta in Bali for yourself?

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Happy Travels!



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