Khmer Surin: Delicious Cambodian food within a green oasis!

Phnom Penh is the buzzing capital of Cambodia and is attracting more tourists each year. Growing, exotic and tropical comes to mind when I think back to Phnom Penh. With beautiful temples, orange robed monks holding smart phones and countless restaurants offering and abundance of delicious vegetarian and non vegetarian khmer and thai food. The Khmer Surin restaurant is a green oasis offering a relaxed atmosphere and mouth watering khmer food…

Location of Khmer Surin Phnom Penh

Khmer Surin is located around 5-10 walking minutes from the Independence Monument of Phnom Phen. 

About the restaurant Khmer Surin, Phnom Penh

The Restaurant Khmer Surin has been operating since 1996 and is not only a restaurant restaurant for the general public but also offers function venues for weddings and art functions. Khmer Surin is proud to offer traditional khmer and thai food using only local ingredients, herbs and spices! Furthermore Khmer Surin employs 45 locals and trains them to offer the best guest service to their guests but also aims to improve the local’s standard of living by employing only locals!

Walking into this restaurant makes you feel like you are in the middle of a hidden Oasis in the tropics that you just discovered with lush plants, local decoration and even a little water stream!!!

The restaurant consists of 3 levels! The first floor consists of low table seating’s indoors as well as outdoors which are surrounded by lush plants and water features!

The second floor consists of Cambodian style floor seating on cushions and on the balconies. The third floor consists of a terrace with open air seating with views of Phnom Phen! 

Vegan & vegetarian dishes at Khmer Surin Phnom Penh

Entre: Fresh spring rolls [vegan]

We to start off we ordered the fresh spring rolls that are stuffed with lettuce, carrots, bean sprouts and thin rice noodles. On the menu they also add shrimps but we simply asked the waiter to omit the shrimps to make it vegan. The rolls are served with a home made sweet chili sauce.

We also felt like ordering a green tea with out meals.. and lucky we did as the tea was served in one of the lovliest tea pots and cups I have seen in my life!

Mains: Stir fried long eggplant with tofu

Here the long eggplant has been cut in half and the grilled which gave the eggplant a lovely smoky flavour. They topped the eggplant off with a sweet basil sauce and fried tofu! (on the menu it only states beef, pork or chicken but you can ask for tofu as well 🙂

Stir fried mixed vegetables [vegan]

Different vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and Asian greens are tossed in a wok with soy sauce. We added tofu as our protein 🙂

Thai green curry with tofu [vegetarian]

Mmmhhh..I love Thai curries! The coconut flavor is just the best! In this dish the curry was filled with sweet potatoes, carrots, potato, tofu and collard greens! The green curry paste usually contains shrimps and is therefore not vegan..

You are also able to order white rice, brown rice or sticky white rice as a side. We chose the brown rice 

Conclusion about Khmer Surin

We loved it! SO much so that we went back for a second time! The restaurant is much cooler to others thanks to all the lush plants that have been placed all around the restaurant which did not allow for any sun to shine through, even during lunch time! The plants and the water feature throughout the garden also provided you with a really relaxing atmosphere….So much so that we stayed there for hours working on our computers, with free WIFI and no one being upset that we stayed there so long… We will definitely go back there when we visit Phnom Phen!

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