Hi guys,

I created this page so you guys can see the budget hotels and places I have stayed in so far in case you look for someplace affordable, clean and at central locations. Enjoy!


The budget Hotels

The Stays should have/be :

  • Clean towels and sheets
  • Clean rooms in general
  • Free WIFI
  • Private bathroom
  • Air-condition (especially in Asia)
  • Central location
  • Pool preferred -but not necessary
  • Fridge preferred- but not necessary
  • Balcony preferred- but not necessary



Around the world I have been using and am still using Simply because it is a save and very easy to navigate platform. Plus is that there is always, no matter what time and where in the world you are, someone you can contact at in case you have trouble or questions about the hotel you will stay.



In Europe  and in expensive cities such as New York or Sydney I love AIRBNB because hotels are quite expensive there in comparison to Asia.

What is AirBnB?
This is a platform were people place their own houses/rooms or apartments to rent out online, whilst they themselves are away travelling someplace else.

Therefore you need to first create your own account on AirBNB first an when booking a room you need to introduce yourself to the “owner” of the place. If the person believes you are genuine, they let you stay at in their home at a much better price than hotels.

Once they accept you, you pay AIRBNB and then AIRBNB pay’s the owner. After payment the owner emails you their address and phone number to arrange time of check in/pick up of keys.

As simple as that!

Walk In’s

In Asia I also love to walk into any hotel and ask for prices and see rooms. As more often than not, hotels are either much cheaper when you walk in than on the internet OR they do not even exist online because they do not like to pay commissions. So it is absolutely worth your time to walk around and check out homestays/hotels by foot 🙂


Help me continue blogging!

If you like some of the hotels I suggest and want to book them please do so via using the links to to support me.  I will then earn a little bit of money per booking. This will enable me to travel for longer to more places around the world and blog about it 🙂

The reason I used as Affiliate is because I have been using them for years privately and love the way it shows bookings, saves your bookings, helps you cancel or change bookings and how you can add destinations as your favorites

This is why 🙂

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