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I decided to create a list of books, documentaries and other sources of information where you can build your own opinion about healthy eating and a plant based lifestyle! I will keep it up to date as I learn and read more 🙂

Red Apple Drawn

Books about Plant Based Diet [Vegan]

  • Kind Diet from Alicia Silverstone
  • The Starch Solution from Dr John A. McDougall
  • The 22 day Revolution from Marco Borges
  • The Food Revolution from John Robbins
  • Sweet Poison from David Gillespie
  • Whole from T.Colin Campbell PhD
  • The China Study from T. Colin Campbell PhD
  • The Pleasure Trap from Lisle Douglas and Alan Goldhamer
  • Diet for a new America from John Robbins
  • Food Rules from Michael Polan
  • Goddesses never Age from Dr.C Christine Northrup
  • Ancient Wisdon for Modern Health from Mark Bunn


Books about Lifestyle & Finance

  • Rich Dad Poor Dad from Robert Kiyosaki
  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People from Steven R Covey
  • The E-Myth from Michael E Gerber
  • The Richest Man in Babylon from George S. Clarson
  • Think and Grow Rich from Napoleon Hill
  • Make Money Blogging from Josepg Hogue


Documentaries on Healthy & Plant Based Eating 

  • Fork over Knives (Netflix)
  • Food Inc  YouTube Video
  • Food Choices YouTube Video
  • Cowspiracy (Netflix)
  • What the Health (Netflix)
  • Fat, Sick and nearly Dead (Netflix)
  • Food Matters
  • Earthlings
  • Supersize me


YouTube Talks about Vegetarian, Vegan & Healthy Lifestyle

  • Michael Klaper MD about Food that kills Click Here
  •  James from the Animal Rights Foundation about 101 Reasons to go vegan Click Here
  • Dr Neal Bernard about Chocolate, Cheese and Sugar Click Here
  • Dr Michael Klapner about what I wish someone had told me in Medical School about Nutrition Click Here
  • Dr Caldwell Essestyn about Make yourself Heart Attack Proof Click Here
  • Dr John McDougall about The Starch Solution from John Click Here
  • Dr T Colin Campbell about Animal Protein [Meat & Dairy] causing cancer Click Here
  • Dr Lustig about: Sugar the bitter truth Click Here


Follow People on YouTube (Veggo’s) 

  • Freelee the Banangirl about eating Raw till 4 Channel Here
  • Rawvana about recipes for raw vegan food mostly and some vegan Channel Here
  • Fablunch about healthy vegan recipes) Channel Here
  • VHS about lots of great talks by leading Doctors)Channel Here
  • about finding facts from research abut veganism and healthy eating Channel Here
  • VegSource shows all the latest talks about veganism and healthy heating Channel Here


If you guys have video, book or documentary suggestions please leave a comment below 🙂 Thank you!