German Street Food at it‘s Best! The annual Christmas Markets [Hamburg-Spitaler Strasse]

There is no better time to be in Germany than during Christmas! True, the weather is not something you would want to experience thanks’ to it‘s icy weather, however every city in Germany show cast their lovely „Winter Wonderlands“ the Christmas Markets! Explore the little wooden stalls offering one of the best German street foods available or enjoy beautiful handcrafted Christmas decorations and arts. Come and check Hamburg’s Christmas Market on Spitaler Strasse with me….

Dates for Hamburgs Christmas Markets

The markets open their doors usually at the last weekend of November and goes until the 30th of December (closed 25th Dec) !

Check this website for exact dates:


The Christmas Markets Opening Hours

11 am until 9pm Sunday to Thursday and 10pm on Friday and Saturday.


Location of the Christmas Market Spitaler Strasse

Located right along Spitaler Strasse and nestled in between stores like Zara, H&M or Lego you will discover warm, colorful and enticingly smelling wooden stalls.

Spitalerstr Christmas Market

Drink the infamous Christmas Market’s Mulled Wine

Mulled wine stands serving hot spiced wine with an additional shot or even without alcohol are found everywhere during the Christmas Market in Hamburg. There is nothing better than to warm your already numb hands with a hot cup of spicy wine. And after the second cup you get really creative in regards to Christmas presents! Promise 🙂

Spitalerstr Mulled Wine 2


Best German Street Food at the Christmas Markets

Shopping for presents is not only stressful but can make you very fast very grumpy and HUNGRY! Thankfully we have the perfect snacks waiting for you right in front of the stores. From Sweet to Sour, here you will find anything (and naughty) for your taste buds!

The Street Foods Menu this years Christmas Markets [2017]

Are the hearty „Gruenkohl mit Wurst“ [green cabbage, sausage and potatoes] and of cause the famous German Sausage swing grill. And guess what, the second time I walked by there they had a sign offering “vegan Sausages” but they were sold out 🙁

Spitalerstr Wustgrill


Vegetarian Choices

Pommes Frites [hot chips/fries] with a huge selection of sauces to smother them in such as curry ketchup, mayonnaise, curry sauce and even fresh onions! Furthermore on the menu are „Champignos mit Knobi-Sauce“,  grilled mushrooms with a delicious and creamy garlic sauce as well as sweet corn on the cob!

Spitalerstr Mushroom Stand

Additional choices are Turkish bread stuffed with feta cheese (grilled and hot) or Baguettes with diverse topping options, again grilled and hot 🙂

Spitalerstr Pizza Baguette Stand


The famous „Schmalzkuchen” [hot little fried pastries] are sweet, hot and dusted with powdered sugar or “Kirschtaschen” [cake filled with cherry jam]. Old time favourite!

Spitalerstr Hotcakes Stand

But you also find more “modern sweet treats such as Waffels, Crepes with diverse filling and even spanish Churros con Chocolate!

Spitalerstr Waffels


Decorations and handmade Goods at the Christmas Markets in Hamburg

Also you find Christmas decorations, candles, wood work and the like among the stalls on Spitaler Strasse.

Spitalerstr Christmas Light Stand.png



So very naughty, so very delicious and super christmassy! The German Christmas Market’s are a must to see and to taste the delicious treats whilst shopping for presents. I just love it! Who cares that it’s freezing, right? 🙂


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Happy Delicious Travels!

With Love Rosa XOX

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