Discover the best Palermo has to offer on the historic Via Maqueda!

What a beautifully preserved¬†and ancient “Shopping” Street! It is wonderful to see how the Italians kept the very old Baroque buildings and turned them into moderns shops where you can find anything from shoes, clothing and food! Come and discover Via Maqueda and its famous Quatro Canti and La Fontana Pretoria with me!

How to locate Via Maqueda

Via Maqueda starts where the Teatro Massimo is and goes all the way down towards Central Station. You can also see the mountains of Sicily in the distance ūüôā


Via Maqueda 0

Discover old churches on Via Maqueda

Very close to the famous Quattro Canti you will see this beautiful old church whose name I was not able to find out ūüôĀ¬† However, I was so amazed by the structure and beauty¬†of this church that I had to¬†mention and show it¬†in my blog!

Via Maqueda 2

From the outside you will see framed pictures where statues are placed to form a picture. It has an unbelievable 3D effect as the legs and the bodies look out of the fram when you look at it from the side.

Church 1

As you walk into the church you will be greeted by a massive and beautiful picture that spreads from the ceiling all the way to the middle of the church. This colorful picture is framed by white angles. You just have the need to sit down and appreciate the feel and beauty of this small church hidden somewhere in Palermo.

Church 2

Via Maquedas infamous “Quattro Canti”

Quattro Canti is also known as Piazza Vigliena and is a Baroque square in the middle of Via Maqueda! It is composed of 4 old buildings which have been built between 1608 and 1620 and are facing each other at a crossing of the two main streets in Palermo, the Via Maqueda and the Corso Vittorio Emanuele.

Quattro-canti top view

Each of the four buildings is set with statues, fountains and very detailed roofs and walls…

cuattro Canti 1

cuattro canti 4

cuattro canti 6

At night also beautiful…

quattro canti via marceda

I was awed standing right there in the middle of these 4 buildings and being surrounded by these magnificent old structures.


Via Maquedas lovely “Fontana Pretoria”

This fountain is just around the corner of the Quattro Canti and was built by Francesco Camilliani in the city of Florence in 1554, but was transferred in Palermo in 1574. In order to do that they had to dissemble the fountain into 644 pieces and apparently not all the pieces arrived in Palermo and are found in diverse museums in Italy!

Fontana 0

And by night just as beautiful. During the day it is too populated with tourists and after 9pm it is so much quieter. Especially as the street lights cast a yellow glow onto the statues! So beautiful.

Fontana 4

Fontana 2




I visited Palermo three times and each time I am amazed by its beautifully, antique and so amazingly well preserved streets and buildings. Add the amazing food and loud Italians and you are in¬†for an authentic¬†experience¬†of “La Bella Italia”! Beautiful Palermo is not as well known as Rom or Venice and therefore not so touristy which makes it an even more authentic!

It is worth a visit in my books as Palermo and its historic Via Maqueda truly surprises you!

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