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Exotic Asia

Koh Chang white sand Lonely Beach sunset 1

Unearth Cambodia

Happy New Year from Phnom Penh, Cambodia & a set of great new ambitions for 2017


I wish you all a wonderful a happy New Year and an amazing start into 2017!!! I hope you had a fantastic NYE celebration no matter where in the world you are! We celebrated NYE at the Mekong/Tonal Sap River in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. At first we were not even sure if they even celebrated NYE – but they did!! Though very different from what I am used to… More Here!

Experience Indonesia

Cultural and Exotic Bali

Discover cultural Ubud! A travel guide on things to do and what to expect


Always wanted to experience the exotic and colorful beauty of Asia? See vibrant colours of beautifully diverse flowers, listening to different languages and hear relaxing music in the air? Yeah Elizabeth Gilbert got that one right when travelling to Ubud in Bali! I can imagine back when she went to Bali it sure was extremely quiet and peaceful. Thankfully not all is lost in Ubud and you can still experience the Balinese culture, their friendliness as well as experience their delicious foods and find one of the most detailed art in jewelry I saw in South East Asia! Though I can imagine that it sure was less touristy than it is now… Nonetheless check out what I experienced whilst visiting Ubud for 6 weeks in March from getting out of the plane all they way to leaving Ubud to get to Kuta Bali…. More Here!

A quick visit to Kuta, Bali and a great vegetarian restaurant


Kuta is the closed location to the airport that offers a beach and even a shopping center! After we spend a month in the quiet Ubud Region we decided to experience some action and check out Kuta Bali. Well that was an experience! Read here about “Things to do in Kuta Bali” and my review about Kuta. Find out about the little vegetarian gem we found hidden in a side street offering affordable and delicious local food. Enjoy 🙂 Read more here!

Explore Thailand

Phuket/Patong Beach

Travel guide on Patong Beach in Phuket! What to experience and expect at Patong Beach


Patong Beach is located in Phuket in Thailand and is a famous beach mostly thanks to its widely known nightlife options, bars and restaurants. This beach is lined with resorts and bars and offers a modern and  airconned’ shopping center with more restaurants, cafes and even a cinema. Check out Patong beach with me and see what it has to offer as well as on info’s on how to get to Patong beach… Read More

Koh Chang, Lonely Beach

Tiny travel guide on Lonely Beach [Koh Chang]

Koh Chang is Thailand’s second largest Island with about 5000 residents and means translated “Elephant Island” thanks to the shape of the island itself. It used to be a very remote and quiet island with only a few tourist appearing here and there. However due to the increase of tourism, Koh Chang has become more populated and therefore more  resorts and hotels have risen in the past decade. It is not as busy as Phuket or Koh Samui yet and therefore still a lovely destination for a more quiet holiday. However the peak season between the cooler month November to February can be very crowed, even on Koh Chang.  We visited Lonely Beach which is one of the furthest part of Koh Chang when leaving from the ferries. Come and check out what makes this little remote part of Koh Chang so attractive…

Discover Australia


New South Wales

Modern and bustling Sydney

Sydney’s Open-Air Art Gallery- Sculptures by the Sea


Every year at the start of November and the beginning of Australia’s spring Sydney host’s an amazing open air art exhibition right along the ocean between Tamarama and Bondi Beach. The stunning sculptures are made by diverse artists each year and it is free to go to and have a look at! More Here!

Sydney’s Picturesque Coastal Walk: Bronte to Bondi Beach


Strolling along the ocean, getting a nice sea breeze, smell the salt water and see the amazing coast line is one of the things you’ve got to do when visiting Sydney!!!  When too hot you can stop at any beach and go for a swim or stop for a lovely lunch on one of the countless cafes and restaurant situated along Bondi and even some along Bronte Beach 🙂 More Here!

A walk through Sydney’s lively Darling Harbour


Sydney’s Darling Harbour is the spot for entertainment for young or old! Growing every year Darling Harbour is the place to go if you are looking for entertainment, restaurants with water views and entertainment for children offering a playground, museums and an aquarium! Walk along the beautiful Harbour and see what to expect when visiting Sydney’s entertainment quarter! Read Here

Sydney’s culinary and multicultural Chinatown & The Haymarket’s


I just love Sydney’s Chinatown!!! It has the BEST ASIAN Food I have eaten so far and what makes it so awesome is that you find food from all Asian countries in one spot: from Thai to Korean, Chinese, Japanese over Malaysian Roti’s…It’s all here represented with its amazing restaurants and food courts. And right next door is Sydney’s Haymarket and of cause Darling Harbour… Come and take a walk through Chinatown with me 🙂

Visit historic Europe

Visit enchanting France


The River Seine – The heart of Paris

Seine Cruise 1

The River Seine flows right in the middle of the historical city of Paris. Here Parisians and tourists of all ages stroll, jog, cycle or just relax with food and wine whilst enjoying the beautiful sceneries of Paris… Read Here

“Our Lady of Paris” – The Majestic cathedral of Notre Dame!

Feat ENG

The Notre Dame is in my opinion one of the most magnificent and elegant structures in Paris. It is just awe- inspiring to see what humans were and are capable of creating and putting into reality. Have a look at “Our Lady of Paris “ and find out what makes her so special… Read more here.

Paris bicycle tour along the Seine! See the best of Paris in no-time [How to rent a bike in Paris]

Paris Park view Eiffel Tower

There are so many treasures to discover and things to do in Paris. The beauty is that most of the main attractions such as the Louvre, Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower and the countless picturesque bridges of Paris are in plain view when cycling along the river Seine. Walking the distance would be a whole day event and result in very hurtful feet [I tried it and gave up at the Pont Alexandre III!] Thankfully you can see and reach all these main attractions in no-time with Paris’s public bicycle sharing system which is called Verlib! Super easy to use and to rent out! Find out how the bicycle sharing system works and pedal along the Seine to see the beauty of Paris with me…

Discover Nordic Germany

Harbour city of Hamburg

Unearth the Christmas Winter Wonderland in Hamburg [Gerhart -Hauptmann Platz]

Gerhardt Handcraft 2

The usual quiet and resting spot in Hamburg’s inner city has been turned into a small and cozy “Christmas Town, called Aura“. Get lost in between countless food, beverage and trinket stalls and discover the Winter Wonderland in the center of Aura Town… More here.

German Street Food at it‘s best! The annual Christmas Markets [Hamburg-Spitaler Strasse]

Spitalerstr Mushroom Stand

There is no better time to be in Germany than during Christmas! True, the weather is not something you would want to experience thanks’ to it‘s icy weather, however every city in Germany show cast their lovely „Winter Wonderlands“ – The Christmas Markets! Explore the little wooden stalls offering one of the best German street foods available or enjoy beautiful handcrafted Christmas decorations and arts. Come and check Hamburg’s Christmas Market on Spitaler Strasse with me… Read More!

The Speicherstadt – Hamburg’s Grand ‘City of Warehouses’

Speicherstadt at Night 2

The Speicherstadt is located in the city of Hamburg and known to be a major port city in North Germany. It is something to behold as this is the only location in the world where you will find a 130 years old “city” made out of warehouses which has been build on top of water! Come and check out one of Hamburg’s most visited Tourist attractions and one of UNESCOS World Heritage Sites… More Here!

Experience “La Bella Italia”

The beautiful Island of Capri

The Island of Capri & an unforgettable Boats-Tour!

faraglioni 3

I love coming back to Italy to eat amazing food, watch Italians move their hands in the air and to swim in the perfect temperature of the Mediterranean waters. The island of Capri is a beautiful little island with only two suburbs and this time around I indulged in a boats tour around the island of Capri and in this blog you will find out about pricing, what to expect and to see… Read More!

Cultural Sicily

Discover Palermo: The Marvelous and Time-Honored City of Italy {Travel Guide what to see in Palermo]

Massimo WM1

Palermo, what a surprisingly authentic, old and also modern city! This city has stunning Baroque buildings, multi-cultural people and lots of diverse markets! I loved getting “lost” in the side streets of Palermo as you got surrounded by mesmerizing old and new buildings as well as cute little markets where the Sicilian sold the goods by screaming them out! So come and get lost with me… Read More!

Discover Palermo: The Historic Via Maqueda

cuattro canti 6

What a beautifully preserved and ancient “Shopping” Street! It is wonderful to see how the Italians kept the very old Baroque buildings and turned them into moderns shops where you can find anything from shoes, clothing and food! Come and discover Via Maqueda and its famous Quatro Canti and La Fontana Pretoria with me! Read More!

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