Important nutrients vegetarian and vegans should be aware of [what they are, why our body needs them and where to find them]

Our body is amazing and complex as it can heal and nurture itself provided that we give it the necessary nutrients it needs to function properly. However in todays diet for vegetarians, vegans and even meat eaters are deficient in many important nutrients. For vegetarian and vegans there are some nutrients that we are more deficient in than the meat eaters are as they derive those nutrients via the meat. But don’t worry, mother nature provides us veggie eaters with those nutrients in plants as well, we just need to be aware of them and know to add them into our diet. What they are and where to find them you can learn here…

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Vegetarian & Vegan Complete Protein Sources [How to Get and Mix them]

We need to ensure that our body receives all the essential proteins within a 24 hour period so that we function at our most efficient level. As vegetarians and vegans we need to be mindful that not all the 9 essential amino acids are contained within one plant food. That’s why we need to ensure that we mix our vegetarian protein’s right! How? You can find out in this blog..

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Vegetarian & Vegan Protein Sources Exposed! [Nutritional Benefits, Disadvantages and Healthy Alternatives]

“Do vegetarians and vegans get enough proteins?”  To answer this infamous question I decided to list the sources of vegetarian & vegan proteins below. There are so many healthy vegetarian sources of proteins out there other than meat or fish. If you include these foods into diet it is very possible to get enough proteins- you just need to know where to find them 🙂 Read More

How much sugar is in Soft drinks?

A lot of beverages contain hidden sugars and we consume them unknowingly! Many go on planned diets, eating healthy foods and reward themselves with a few soft drinks and wonder why they can’t lose weight… Well, it’s because soft drinks are loaded with sugars. So, it pays off to know as much possible about the sugars in beverages so your diet does not go in vain!

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Drink More Water! All you need to know about water and your health!

In this series I will concentrate about our body and its fluids. So first up: Water! By mass our body’s cells consist of 65-90% of water! Amazing, isn’t it! And yet many of us simply just don’t drink enough water to replenish that what we lose every day. So, here is all you need to know about drinking Water…

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Stress! Ways to reduce it and how to avoid stress related overeating!

Stress is becoming part of our day-to-day life, who isn’t stressed right? But did you know that stress elevates our heart rates, makes us lose hair and increases our weight? So I decided to give you guys some tips on how to reduce stress and calm down your heart rate. Do you tend to grab a “Snack” during the peak-time of your day because you need the quick “Pick-me-Up? How to avoid this you can find out here…

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Vitamin D and weight loss! [Why it’s so important for our Body!]

There are studies showing that lack of vitamin D aids weight gain and that more and more people are lacking it in today’s society.  Vitamin D is mostly obtained via the UV rays from the sunlight and only found in few foods. Vitamin D aids our immune system and helps fight viruses and bacteria! So here is why lack of vitamin D may aid to weight gain and why our body so desperately needs it!

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Is Dairy Poisonous? 5 reasons why you should minimize or stop dairy!

Recent statistics and studies show that the bone disease osteoporosis and breast cancer are much higher in the Western world than in Asian countries. Some statistic show the conjunction of dairy products and the increase of chronic diseases such as cancer or osteoporosis. Is Milk really the best thing for our bones?

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Mouth-watering vegan wedding menu at “The Locks” restaurant in Hamburg

My little sister recently celebrated her wedding at “The Locks” restaurant in Hamburg, Germany. My and her husbands family are not vegetarians or vegans, however my sister was able to organize just for my lonesome a wonderful and refreshing German autumn vegan set menu! The restaurant was beautifully rustic, the food was phenomenal and  the service was outstanding! Check out what I ate at “The Locks” in Hamburg! Read More

Going veg: 4 Incredible Impacts on Health, Environment and Morals

Read here about what amazing impacts you can have when eating a plant based diet! The beauty is: You do not need to become a “full time vegan/vegetarian” for those advantages to take an effect. Eating vegetarian/vegan once per week or better for breakfast and lunch and eat animal products just for dinner already puts a dent into todays dilemma of food and water scarcity and some of the environmental issues! I hope this blog will create consciousness about the impacts you can have just by choosing what you put on your plate! Awareness is the first step to change 🙂

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