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October 27, 2018 / / Budget Hotels

When you want to organize your next trip or holidays one of the biggest expenses you have is for accommodation, especially if you are planning to travel for a longer period of time. Nowadays you are able to find all sorts of accommodations, from the classic hotel rooms, the luxury resorts, the guests houses, homestays all the way to hostels and couch surfing. All of them are available online and how to find the best that suits you and how to save the most money you can find out here…

September 15, 2018 / / Budget Hotels

Ah, Koh Chang! Here you are surrounded by green and lush vegetation on steep mountains and will be greeted by monkey’s on the trees. Koh Chang is one of Thailand’s largest Islands with several beaches and resort districts along the coast. We stayed in the region called Hat Tha Nam which also known as “Lonely Beach” amongst the tourists. During the peak season this area is packed with backpackers who seek beach and party holidays but during the off peak season it is astonishingly quiet and very affordable to enjoy this little corner of paradise. And of cause you need a great place to stay whilst you are visiting Lonely Beach, so check out the Sea Flower Resort Bungalows with me…

December 9, 2017 / / Budget Hotels
November 11, 2017 / / Budget Hotels

Paris is the third most popular city in the world to visit. And rightly so. Being one of the most visited cities in the world drives hotel prices through the roof and makes it hard to find cheap and affordable hotels in Paris. But thanks to the internet you are able to find reasonable priced stays on platforms like AIRBNB. So, here the wonderful stay we scored whilst staying 7 nights in picturesque Paris….

November 30, 2016 / / Budget Hotels