Is Dairy Poisonous? 5 reasons why you should minimize or stop dairy!

Recent statistics and studies show that the bone disease osteoporosis and breast cancer are much higher in the Western world than in Asian countries. Some statistic show the conjunction of dairy products and the increase of chronic diseases such as cancer or osteoporosis. Is Milk really the best thing for our bones?

 1. Milk is not the best source of calcium for your bones

Dairy products do contain calcium and calcium it is good for your bones BUT our body can only process it when we eat an equal amount of magnesium. Since milk contains hardly any magnesium our body is not able to convert the calcium properly. As we eat too much dairy and animal products and hardly any vegetables in our modern diet our magnesium content in our bodies is too low.

Hence your body cant process the calcium in your body and as a result your bones are lacking the mineral.

A list of calcium to magnesium content per food item:

Type Calcium (C) per 100g to Magensium (M)
Cow’s milk       113  (C)                   10 g (M)
Carrots                33  (C)                 123 g (M)
Spinach              99 (C)                   79 g (M)
Soy isolate      178 (C)                     39 g (M)
Almonds          216 (C)                  275 g (M)

So its safe to say, that milk alone is not good for your bones. The best source of calcium is in fact green leafy vegetables as it provides you with both, calcium and magnesium at the same time!

2. Dairy consumption may increase growth of cancer cells 

Dr. T.Colin Campbell did a very detailed study where he was able to link casein, the protein in dairy, with the growth of cancer cells. His test studies showed that if a rat, who already had cancer, was fed with 5% dairy the cancer cells remained steady. But if that rat was fed with 20% of dairy (that’s what the average person eats per day) the cancer cells started to grow rapidly. Most importantly, when he switched the dairy back to 5% the cancer cells stopped the growth again!

Now that’s food for thought?!

3. Diary consumption may increase the chance of osteoporosis

Animal products, including dairy are known to be inflammatory! This means they cause inflammation in your body and can lead to chronic diseases such as osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis is caused  because casein and the inflammatory fats in the milk are very acidic for the body and as a result it tries to balance the acid out by taking the calcium from the bones. This causes the bones to get brittle and break.

4. Dairy can cause allergies

Milk has also allergic properties which means they can react to allergies or result into allergies. One very known allergy is Lactose Intolerance. If you stop drinking milk or eat dairy products the symptoms go. Same applies to the skin condition acne. It has been shown over and over again that when teenagers or people with severe acne stop consuming dairy products the acne goes away or reduces significantly.

5. Decrease of dairy products may decrease migraine 

There are also studies showing that if people with migraine stop consuming dairy products their migraine either goes down significantly or stops all together.


To me, the reasons above are enough to significantly reduce my dairy consumption to a bare minimum as I want to avoid becoming a victim to food induced chronic diseases If you can reduce the likelihood of diseases just by changing your diet, wouldn’t you try?

How did Steven R. Covey say in his famous book “7 Habits of Highly Effective People?”

“Begin with the end in mind”!



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