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Low cost airlines are today one of the most used airlines people book to fly to their holidays. These airlines opened the gates for more tourism around the world and possibilities to fly anywhere you like at low prices. Almost every country has at least one budget airline and below you can read and find out about the ones I know about and have used myself as well as the advantages and disadvantages low cost airline have.

What are low cost airlines

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Low cost airlines are airlines that are able to offer lower prices for flights simply because the remove all the service you “usually” receive when flying in general and also for long distances. For example things like meals, beverages, in flight movies, seat selection and additional baggage are all removed from the “package” when you booking low cost airlines.


Why are low cost airlines so affordable?

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When you book “standard” airlines you usually receive the full service of meals, seat selection, additional baggage and in flight movies. But when you book low cost airlines all these “EXTRAS” are removed. You can however book “PACKAGES” for additional money to include all those “extras” tom your flight ticket, which then in turn makes them once again more expensive. So if you travel very light and don’t mind paying extra for food (if at all) then low cost airlines are great. Personally I love them for shorter flights, however when I fly long distances I do prefer standard airlines.


European low cost airlines

Eurowings [or Germanwings]

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Eurowings as well as Germanwings are a German low cost airline who offer one of the cheapest deals to fly within Europe, the US and parts of Asia. However Eurowings low cost price contain just the flight and carry on luggage. Everything else such as food, entertainment or additional luggage needs to be paid for.

How it works

You select your dates and destination and then you will see available flights in terms of duration, departure times and prices. On the top bar Eurowings will also show you other available days (plus/minus) one day to find cheaper flights for other possible dates.

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Once clicking on the desired flight it will then show you “packages” to select from. Personally when I know I have additional luggage I select the “Smart Package” because it includes seat selection, food and the luggage. That’s it. You then go to check out and pay direct on Eurowings.
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Eurowings Advantage

  • very cheap airfares especially for internal flights within Europe
  • Easy to navigate page
  • Shows prices for 2 days prior and 2 days after your selected dates with other rates
  • Offer Add-On packages for extras

Eurowings Disadvantage

  • You have to pay for additional luggage, food, beverages and entertainment extra
  • They do not fly every single day for every city, so you need to be flexible in terms of your flight dates
  • No real service for long haul flights unlike airlines as Emirates or Qantas
  • No monthly calendar to overview prices

Check out affordable flights with Eurowings here!

Other low cost airlines or cheap airlines in Europe (operate similar as Eurowings)

  1. Ryan Air
  2. AirBerlin
  3. Easy Jet
  4. Vueling
  5. KLM Airline (Dutch)
  6. Airfrance (French)
  7. Lufthansa (German)
  8. A’Italia (Italian)


Asia’s low cost airline



AirAisa is a well known Malaysian low cost airline that mostly fly’s within south east Asia and Australia. I have flown many times with AirAsia and had good and bad experiences. In general for the long haul flights such as Sydney to Kuala Lumpur I found the service and staff to be very efficient and professional. However I found that using AirAsia within South East Asia, for example flying from Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok, to be a little disorganized. It seems that the internal flights have lower standards. Personally I have no issues to use AirAsia for the long haul flights leaving Australia but internally I prefer using other airlines such as Bangkok Airways or Vietnam Airways as the pilots and staff seem more experienced 🙂

Here is how AirAsia works

Pretty much the same as Eurowings you select your dates and destination. Here AirAsia will come up with a beautiful pop up calendar showing you the cheapest dates to fly in green. Once you click on that date it will come up with available flight and at the top bat with an option to check out a few days prior and after the date you want to fly for other prices and flight times…

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Once you select the dates and time to fly there will be a pop up asking you if you wish to select add on’s such as the “value pack” and the “premium pack”. If I know that I will have more than a carry on bag than I usually select the value pack which allows also a meal 🙂

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Advantages of AirAsia

  • Ability to find very cheap flights within Asia
  • Ability to find very cheap flight from Australia to Asia
  • Shows a calendar with cheapest dates to fly in green
  • Has a “multiple stop” option if you wish to add multiple destinations
  • Easy to navigate platform
  • Offer Add-On packages for extras

Disadvantages of Air Asia

  • The cheap flights include the flight only with a carry-on bag. Additional luggage, meals and entertainment at additional cost
  • Basic service on flights as flight attendant only come to you if you wish to purchase something like meals
  • As mentioned above internal flights within Asia lack certain standards in my opinion

Check out cheap flights on AirAsia here!


Other Asian low cost airlines or cheap airlines are:

  • Bangkok Airways
  • Vietnam Airways
  • Nok Airways
  • Scoot
  • Cebu Pacific

Australian Low Cost Airlines

Let’s fly Jeststar – the Australian low cost Airline

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Jetstar is an Australian low cost airline and a subsidiary of Qantas Airlines. You can find very cheap flights for within Australia such as flying from Sydney to Melbourne as well as affordable flight from Australia to New Zealand and South East Asia. Flying from Australia to Asia I usually compare prices between Jetstar and AirAsia.

How it works

The same as Eurowings and AirAisa, you select your desired dates and times for flights. Here they do not offer an overview on a calendar to see the cheapest dates of flights, however once you select the dates you wish to fly a new page comes up showing at the top bar other available dates and prices to fly.

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Advantages of Jetstar

  • Super affordable prices to fly within Australia and New Zealand
  • A great comparison airline to AirAsia
  • Subsidiary of Qantas the Australian long haul airline
  • Offer Add-On packages for extras

Disadvantages of Jetstar

  • The cheap flights are flights and carry on bags only. All additional meals, bags and entertainment cost extra.
  • No overview calendar showing the month with cheapest flights
  • Basic on flight service

Check out flights with Jetstar here!

Other Australian low cost airlines

  • Tigerair
  • Scoot
  • Airaustralia (new coming up)


Other long Haul Airlines

Here my favorite long haul airlines I love booking when flying from Australia to Asia or Europe. They usually are on the more expensive side but I just love the service, food and the amenities like hot face wash on arrival, movies, games, snacks in between meals and special meals like vegan options 🙂 You name it 🙂

  1. Emirates is one of my favorite long haul airlines flying from Australia to Europe. They have one of the best services and foods with great vegan and vegetarian meal options 🙂
  2. Ethihad Airlines is the sister airline from Emirates and are jut as great. Only the websites function to add vegetarian meal to is a little complicated 🙁
  3. Qantas Airlines is my third favorite airline to fly long haul from Australia to Europe
  4. Cathay Pacific Airline was all right, not as great as above three but still good for long haul



Low cost airlines opened the gates for affordable travel to different countries by offering just the basic service which is the seat in the plane and omitting the “additional” service of the baggage, food and entertainment. Personally when I fly short distances I usually only have a backpack anyway and don’t need any other services, so a low cost airline is just right. However when I fly long distances I do refer to pay extra for the full service and fly with standard airlines.

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