I’m Rosa and my blog is about travelling to exciting places, discovering delicious vegetarian & vegan food around the world, while keeping health and fitness in mind! As I travel for extended periods of time I am always on the look out for great budget flights, destinations and accommodations wherever I go. Enjoy 🙂

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That’s Me…

I’m a true multi-cultural expat and loving it! Born and raised in Germany by 2 traditional, “eat more”, Italian loving parents. In my twenties I moved to Australia and met my amazing Australian/Greek/Egyptian husband, Savas. Together we’ve lived for extended periods around the world like two “digital keyboard pounding gypsies”. So far our journey has taken us to:

Sydney to Indonesia > Indonesia to Thailand > Thailand to Germany > Germany to Italy > Italy to Sydney [bought an investment property] > Sydney to Vietnam > Vietnam to Cambodia > Cambodia to Thailand [I just love Thailand :)] > Thailand to Italy [and I love Italy too & bought an Italian home] > Italy to Germany > finally from Germany back to Sydney… and the journey continues!

Puhhh… it’s been an amazing experience! So many different cultures, lifestyle and amazing food. This is what I’m blogging about and which I really do hope you’re enjoying so far!

My Know- How…

During my travels, I had the time to do something with my obsession about healthy eating, nutrition and food. So I decided to take an online course and study to become a trained nutritionist. So I gained my Australian certificate IV in Health & Food Coaching where I learned to my utter delight all about food, the body and its nutrition.

If you are interested in doing the same Australian nutrition course click here for my Feedback: Food Coach Institute Meet The Graduates 

I also have an advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management and worked for a decade in the hospitality world where it’s all about meeting and serving people from around the world and I loved every moment of it! I worked myself up to the Assistant Manager position and gained my knowledge about hospitality and what to expect in terms of good hotel guest service, facilities, great rooms and prices.

I sincerely hope you’ll find useful info’s in my blog. I do love to share my experiences with you, may it be about health, food or travel 🙂