KAFE Ubud in Bali: Experience deliciously wholesome organic vegan and raw vegan food!

I truly enjoyed the food in Ubud located in Bali as it was nowhere easier to find deliciously healthy vegetarian, vegan and even raw vegan food! There are countless restaurants, cafes and even a movie theatre that offered organic wholesome food in the middle of the culture filled Indonesian Island of Bali. One of these restaurants that ofered amazing food is called KAFE. Here you can come and order freshly squeezed veggies and fruit juices and work on yor PC or enjoy an amazing vegan/vegetarian dinner. Come and check out KAFE Ubud with me and see what they have to offer…

About KAFE Ubud in Bali

Image source: kafe-bali.com

KAFE Ubud is a lovely small, two story restaurant with wooden interior which greets you in a very relaxing and laid back atmosphere sporting corners where you can sit on cushioned floors or relaxing wooden tables to eat at. The restaurant is decorated with warm wood colored floors, tables and seats and has colorful pillows for decorations throughout the restaurant. KAFE Ubud’s specialty is to serve organic food with a focus on vegetarian, vegan and raw vegan food (they also offer some meat dishes, but it is mostly vegetarian).


KAFE Ubud’s Location

KAFE Ubud is located on Jalan Hanoman Road between other restaurants, Paradiso Ubud Vegetarian Cinema and clothing outlets.


Prices at KAFE Ubud, Bali

2018-06-21 (2)
Image Sourced from their website


KAFE UBUDS Menu/Prices & Feedback

Check out KAFE Ubud’s website for further information on pricing, bookings and menu’s! You can also click on TripAdvisor/KAFE Ubud to check out other guests feedback about the venue!


KAFE Ubud, Bali vegan meal options

KAFE Ubud offers non vegetarian but mostly vegetarian, vegan and raw vegan meals. Check out was I ate when I visited lovely KAFE below!

Mag’s Mega Salad Bowl [Vegan]

KAFE Ubud Vegan Mags Salad Bowl

As you can see and the name tells you this salad is “mega”! A very tasty and savory salad that consists of green leafy salad, tomato, cucumber, capsicum, sprouts and a really yummy tahini lime dressing. You can eat this amazing salad as a main or share it as a side dish with friends! Either way this salad was absolutely delicious and very wholesome with all the veggies!


Nasi Gorgeg [Vegan]


Nasi Goreng is one of the Indonesian staple foods you can find around Bali and Indonesia and means translated “fried rice”. At KAFE Ubud they serve this staple dish in a vegan version and is just amazing! This vegan Nasi Goreng is made up of sautéed spinach, veggies and tofu in a lime and ginger sauce. This dish is served with pickled veggies and organic red rice on the side.

Stir fried local spinach and tofu served with organic brown rice [vegan]

KAFE Ubud Bali Vegan Stir Fry

Fresh organic spinach is sautéed together with Tofu in a soy sesame sauce and served with organic red rice on the side. This dish will help you with your iron and calcium levels and also provides you with amazing proteins!


Dessert at KAFE Ubud, Bali [Raw-Vegan]

KAFE UBUD BALI Raw Vegan Choclate Cake

This was the first time I have ever tried a raw vegan dessert and it was absolutely deliciously chocolatey with a taste of orange. Yuuuuuuum! I could have ordered another serving 🙂 And it was RAW VEGAN. Well, if anyone says raw vegan food tastes of nothing that person should try this cake!

Savas had a raw vegan scoop of coffee ice cream which tasted also very good. You could really smell and taste the coffee beans in this ice cream.


KAFE Ubud’s Bali Beverages

2018-06-21 (3)
Image Source” Kafe-bali.com

They also make fresh veggie or fruit juices as well as smoothies using alkaline water. One of those juices is called “The Synergize Juice” which contains cucumber, spinach, coconut water and lime and costs for 35k (2.50 USD/ 3.50 AUD 2 EUR) .

Conclusion about KAFE Ubud’s visit

This restaurant is set in a typical Balinese style and offers comfortable seats and chill-out corners with matching music. You can easily just work on your computer or read book whilst drinking a freshly pressed vegetable juice or eat a raw cake 🙂

The food is super fresh, clean and with a wide option of delicious organic vegan, raw-vegan or vegetarian foods. Definitely worth a visit when in Ubud, Bali and a thumps up from me!


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Happy Delicious Travels!



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