Fruit Juices: Are they really healthy?

We have been told that we should drink a glass of ” juice” with our breakfast as it provides us with the all important vitamins. But is it really healthy? Or is it better to eat the whole fruit after all?

Here is the thing with juices..

When we squeeze the juice out of a fruit we essentially squeeze all the sugar [fructose] and water out of the fruit and throw away the fiber. So, what you are left with and end up drinking is the sugar…

Why fruit juice is bad for you

Fruit contains a high amount of fructose [sugar] which causes inflammation in your body, increases weight and may be cause of chronic diseases such as heart attack or diabetes. Fruit juice is stripped of the fiber and most of their vitamins due to the applied heat when making juices and leaves you only with the fructose- which is what you end up drinking.

Drinking fruit juice is just as bad for your health as drinking coke! 350 ml of apple juice have 10 teaspoons of sugar-the same as 350ml coke!


More info’s about ill effects of sugar: Is sugar poison for our body? 


Packaged Fruit Juice

Packaged juices are filled with artificial colors, flavors, preservatives and added vitamins to increase the use by date of the product.

The moment a fruit is picked it starts losing its vitamins as the fruit starts to die. Hence, the older the fruit the less vitamins it contains. So, it stands to reason that by the time the fruit is squeezed, heated and processed it has been stripped off all its vitamins. Therefore industries need to add the vitamins manually which are far less potent than the vitamins of a fresh fruit.

Diverse juices


Healthy alternative- Smoothies

Healthy alternatives are smoothies because you blend the entire fruit and vegetable and don’t lose the fiber and vitamins in the process as the fruit & veg only get chopped up.

They are also a fantastic way to add raw green leafy veggies into your diet as you mix it with fruit so that you don’t taste the bitterness of the vegetable. Don’t add more than 2 pieces of fruit per smoothie due to the high fructose.



Conclusion abut drinking juice

People believe that drinking juice instead of coke is a healthy alternative but it is far from the truth! There is a reason why mother nature added the fiber and the skin to the fruit! It’s easier to drink one glass of juice containing 3-4 oranges but try eating 3-4 oranges in one sitting!!! So, it is healthier to eat the whole fruit after all 🙂



2 thoughts on “Fruit Juices: Are they really healthy?

  1. Hi Rosa,
    I completely agree with your post about fruit juice. I think there is a big misconception out there that just because it is from fruit, it is fine and healthy. Thanks for bringing up this important topic. I am sold on smoothies and am always looking for new ideas for making them.

    Liked by 1 person

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