Unearth the Christmas Winter Wonderland in Hamburg [Gerhart -Hauptmann Platz]

The usual quiet and resting spot in Hamburg’s inner city has been turned into a small and cozy “Christmas Town, called Aura“. Get lost in between countless food, beverage and trinket stalls and discover the Winter Wonderland in the center of Aura Town…


This Christmas Market is located right next to the German Mega Store Karstadt and greets you into the market with a warm and colorful candy store which lures you with the sweet smell of candies.


Artisian Stalls

Get lost in between countless little stalls where you can unearth German hand made goods and arts as well as trinkets….

Mulled Wine Stalls

Either turning left, right or keep going straight- you will spot in every Christmas Market at least two Mulled Wine stands. Here you can stop your cold and tiered feet from walking all day and warm up your cold hands on a cup of mulled wine which is a very typical German Christmas Market beverage. You can order them without alcohol or with a double shot! So, watch how many cups you drink as they go really fast to your head..


German Street Food

You can smell the foods from afar- whilst racing for the last Christmas presents, the aroma of diverse foods makes your mouth water and want to stop – just for a little bite. Well deserved I must add, after walking all day for pressies. Right!?


Translated into “flamed cake” is sort of the german answer for extreamly thin Pizza, topped with sour cream and other toppings of your choice!


Hamburger Fischbroetchen

When in Hamburg and you eat fish, you must try their famous fish rolls. And of course they are also found at the Christmas Market!

Gerhardt Fischbreadrolls



There is no Christmas Market without dessert! Here is a typical Candystore…

Gerhardt Candy 2

And the “Riesenschokokuesse”: Those are soft chocolate coated marshmallow treats. In this stand you can find diverse types of naughty coatings and sizes! MMHH..

Gerhardt Schokokuss ENG

More Christmas Market treats here: German Street Food at it‘s best! The annual Christmas Markets [Hamburg-Spitaler Strasse]


Winter Wonderland

In the center of this Market you will find this lovely little hand made pine tree forest, where you discover some old friends as well as ….another mulled wine stand, or two 🙂



Christmas markets entice you not only with the sweet smell of candy for the kids or the mulled wine to relax for the adults but also for its colorful display of food and hand made craftsmanship of which some you will find no where else, especially the Christmas decorations. It is absolutely worth the visit to Germany in winter to experience their famous Christmas Markets at least once in your lifetime!

Merry Christmas to you all. I wish you a wonderful, magical and heart filled Christmas with family and friends!


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