How much sugar is in Soft drinks?

A lot of beverages contain hidden sugars and we consume them unknowingly! Many go on planned diets, eating healthy foods and reward themselves with a few soft drinks and wonder why they can’t lose weight… Well, it’s because soft drinks are loaded with sugars. So, it pays off to know as much possible about the sugars in beverages so your diet does not go in vain!

How much sugar is in soft drinks?

Check the food label on the bottle. Most of the time you find the sugar beneath the carbohydrate section of the label. The general rule is this:

Watch it!
Check if the amount is indicated is per 100g OR per serving! Most of the time they show you the content per 100g to make it look less as the contents are usually more than 100g. For example: If the content is 300ml and it is indicated per 100g, then you have to time it by 3!

Cola Nutriton Label


Example of hidden sugars in in drinks

  1. 330ml Fanta contains 40gms sugar = 8 teespoons
  2. 500ml Vitamin Waters contain 30gms sugar = 6 teaspoons
  3. 250ml unsweetened fruit juice contains 27g sugar =  5 teaspoons
  4. 600ml “Sport Drinks” contains 36g sugar = 8 teaspoons



5-10 teaspoons of sugar in one hit! How is this possible?

If you think about just eating ONE SINGLE teaspoon of pure sugar you start gagging! So, how are we able to consume 5 teaspoons of sugar just with one drink?

Easy, when you mix sugar with water and then add acid it is less sweet and drinkable. So we can drink it without problems 😦



Check out the labels and be conscious of how much sugar is inside a beverage. That will give you an indication of how much empty and addictive calories you consume per beverage. Soft drinks are liquid poison. So, the best beverage is of cause pure water as it has 0g sugar 🙂



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