Fizzy Drinks: 6 reasons why they are bad for you!

Fizzy drinks like Cola are very popular beverages in today’s society and are consumed in massive amounts. They are highly addictive, have hidden calories and make you gain weight. Here are 5 reasons why you should minimize or avoid those drinks!

1. Aid weight gain!

Most fizzy drinks are loaded with sugar. Once the sugar hits our blood system, it starts a chain reaction in our body: We go from high blood sugar level to low in a short period of time. Once the sugar levels are low again, you start craving more sweetened foods or beverages as it makes you irritable until you get another “sugar hit”. So, you end up eating more and gain weight!

Excess sugar gets also turned into fat (your long term energy source). These beverages are called “Empty Calories” for a reason! More Info’s about sugar  Here

Watch about Obesity & Sugar


2. Increases the chance of type 2 diabetes

The high sugar content in the fizzy drinks spike our blood sugar levels in one rush. Our body (the pancreas) release the hormone insulin in order to process sugar. If lots of sugar hits our system the pancreas release lots of insulin in response. If this is done over a long period of time our pancreas get tiered and start to develop and release less and less insulin to fight the sugar.

The result is the disease called Diabetes where you need to inject the insulin manually


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3. It makes us addicted

Our brain gets ‘BUZZED” when it is hit with a high load of sugar and it increases our “Happy-Hormone” Dopamine in our brain. As result we feel happy when we consume it which in turn makes us want to have more of the “stuff”. Unfortunately the state of happiness only lasts for a few hours. Our body has then absorbed and processed the sugar which makes us want to have another “hit” of sweet poison, either in form of a sweet beverage or other types of sugar!

FYI: Sugar stimulates the same region in the brain as any drug!


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4. Attacks our Satiety Center

The regulation of appetite and satiety is located in the center of our brain, close to where our emotions are located. Therefore the feeling of comfort and eating are closely linked.

New research shows that appetite control in the satiety center are destroyed by eating sugar and other inflammatory foods. A recent research shows that a can of soda reduces our hypothalamus function for up to 36 hours. So, if you drink fizzy drinks regualry you never allow your brain to heal!

5. Kills our teeth enamel!

They are highly acidic which are very bad for our teeth! There are several “sugar” documentaries where they show kids in western world who are not only obese but have rotten teeth! Those poor kids have to get operated to get 5-10 teeth removed in one time because they are so decayed! Check out the documentary: ” The sugar Film” or this Video:


6. Strips Vitamins from your body!

Fizzy drinks contain a lot of phosphoric acid which strips your body from the important minerals calcium, magnesium and zinc! These minerals are vital for the health of our bones and mostly obtained via eating green leafy vegetables, which a lot of us don’t eat enough of. So, if you don’t eat a lot of veggies but drink loads of cola…well, you do the math of what is left to strengthen your bones!




Fizzy and soft drinks should be minimized to be a “special treat” rather than drunk like we should be drinking water! They are empty calories and highly addictive! Unfortunately, as with any drug, it takes conscious effort to reduce and stop drinking the “liquid poison”. So swap your Fizzy Drink for a nice glass of water 🙂

More about water Here!



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