Vegetarian Streetfood in Palermo

When I think of Italy and food I think of Pizza, Pasta and Pannini. Oh yeah, Italy is the carb Paradise and  it’s the same here in Palermo. Finding vegan food in Italy is not easy as they love their cheese. But finding vegetarian food is another story altogether, depending of what type of “Veggo” you are! Check out some vegetarian street foods I was able to discover in Palermo

Vegan Arancini

In the middle of Via Maqueda you will find “Ke Palle”, a Takeaway Shop that serves ONLY Arrancini. As it is specialized in creating only “Arrancini”, they also offer vegan stuffing 🙂

Arancini are the most famous street food in Sicily! These rice balls are originated from the 10th century Sicily when it was under the Arabic rule and are still a very popular finger food and mostly found in Palermo, Catania and Messina. These rice balls are usually stuffed with ham and cheese, coated with bread crumbs and then deep fried.

Lunch balls



Vegan Panelle

These fritters are made of chickpea flour and water simply mixed together. They are then cooled and after deep fried in olive oil. The Panelle are usually sold wedged inside a “Pannini” Roll.





Pesco Vegetarian  “Sfincione”

Scattered throughout the city you will find little food stalls on wheels or at markets that serve the “Sfincione. The Sicilians eat this for breakfast but I also found it on the street during the day…

The Sfincioni is a Sicilian style Pizza. The bread is much thicker and is topped with tomato slices, onions and anchovies.  As you order they add fresh olive oil and salt on top!




Lacto-Vegetarian Pizza

Of cause you fill find loads of “Pizzeria’s” in Palermo as well. I must say that the Pizzas I have eaten so far in Sicily are quite often better than in Campania… Well maybe I just never found the right Pizzas there 🙂 Here I tried the Porcini-Mushroom Pizza with Mozzarella Cheese. So naughty but really really good!



Desserts & Sweets


Very popular refreshment, especially in summer, and loved by the Italian’s!! Granita’s are basically “SlushPuppies” or crushed ice, water and loads of sugar. They are offered in diverese flavors such as mint, almond, coffee or lemon.




My favorite dessert in Sicily are Cannolo’s! These are home baked hard cookies which are rolled to leave a hole in the middle so you can stuff them with amazing fresh and slightly sweetened ricotta cheese. OMG!!! I love those and have to have them each time I visit Palermo!

Canollo VMaqueda




Italian Sweets

Almost in all Italian “Bars” you will find a wide selection of sweets. Italians love an “Espresso” with a “Cornetto” filled with jam or “Crema” for breakfast or diverse types of sweets as takeaway on a sunday to bring it to “Nonna’s ” house after a big family lunch!




Vegetarian Street food in Palermo is definitely not healthy but absolutely a must. Since you don’t get to eat it every day and is more a treat than anything else I say go for it as it is so worth the calories for once 🙂 Thankfully you walk it all off again whilst walking around the city and discovering Palermo’s treasures!


Here a great Video on Parlermos Street Food: (Not vegetarian)

This a great Blog about Palermo’s Street foods including meat dishes and great pictures:


Bon Appetite!



Information on arrancini from Wikipedia


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