Discover Palermo: The Time-Honored City of Italy [Travel Guide on what to see in Palermo]

Palermo, what a surprisingly authentic, old and also modern city! This city has stunning Baroque buildings, multi-cultural people and lots of diverse markets! I loved getting “lost” in the side streets of Palermo as you got surrounded by mesmerizing old and new buildings as well as cute little markets where the Sicilian sold the goods by screaming them out! So come and get lost with me…

1. Shopping in Palermo: Via Roma e Via Ruggero Settimo

Here you can find everything what your shopping heart is looking for: From Desigual, Calzedonia to Zara! What I find so beautiful about this mall is that the shops are built into old buildings leaving the façade and then have the modern shops inside them. Look:

Via Roma 4 Desigual

Via Roma 3 Zara

Also amazing about Palermo City center is the mixture of old and new buildings!

Via Roma Wm.png



2. The Politeama of Palermo

It is located between Via Roma and Via Maqueda and is Palermo’s second biggest theatre which was opened in 1874. Surrounded by the theatre are clothing shops like Gucci and Armani 🙂




3. Palermo’s Piazza Castelnuovo

It’s time for a coffee break! Located close to the Politeama and on the way to Via Maqueda you will find lots of cute Italian bars and Cafes. Here you can sit in the middle of the Piazza and enjoy an Espresso and a delicious Cannolo!

Spinnato Terrace



4. Palermo Markets

Getting lost in one of the many beautiful side streets of Palermo we bumped into diverse Markets. In this market they sell trinkets and I got my new sunnies for only 5 EUR here 🙂


Below: The Antique Market


Below: Mixed Market: here we found anything from Food like fresh fish and veggies to Souvenirs!



5. Teatro Massimo di Palermo

This is Palermo’s Opera House and the biggest Opera in Italy and the third biggest Opera in Europe, after the one in Paris and Vienna!

Massimo 3

Surrounding the Opera is a big Piazza which has loads of Cafes and more Shops scattered around it. You can also sit by the steps of the Opera where you can take a break with a Take Away Pannini and a Coffee.


From here on we explored the historic Via Maqueda which was such a breathtaking street which deserved its own blog!

Got the Travel-Bug?

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There is a lot to see and do in this timeless city and what I loved the most about Palermo was that it is not too filled with tourists and that you are actually able enjoy this city just as the locals do with their loud markets and amazing Sicilian street foods along the way!

Happy Travels!

With Love Rosa XOX


Source of pictures that do not have my label: / / Source of information from Wikipedia 🙂

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