The Island of Capri! An Unforgettable Boats-Tour!

I love coming back to Italy to eat amazing food and to swim in the Mediterranean waters. This time I indulged in a boatstour around the island of Capri and in this blog you will find out about pricing, what to expect and to see…

Location of Capri

This beautiful island is a 40 min boat ride away from the main land Naples or Sorrento. You can get a ticket from either mainland for 18 EUR per person one way.


Looking to Stay in Capri?

It is really expensive to stay here and there are only a few hotels and stays you can find on BOOKING.COM Here!

A cheaper alternative is to stay on the mainland such as Naples Hotel Bookings Here! or the beautiful Sorrento  [little more expensive] Hotel Bookings Here!


Price of the Boat Tour

It is seasonal and cost around 200 EUR for a 3 hour ride. But if you share the boat with 5 people you split the costs 🙂


The Boat Ride Includes

  • 2-3 hours ride around the island
  • Up to 7 people can fit on a small boat
  • Stop and swim in the ocean (once or twice)
  • Stops at diverse look out points and grottos
  • Shower on board to wash of sea water
  • A cool box to place your drinks


Diverse Boats Tour Companies in Capri

Here is a link that takes you to a common website for Capri Boat Tours (not in my affiliate, just a suggestion 🙂


What to Bring with You

  • Sunnies
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Swimwear
  • Water
  • Snacks 🙂

 HAT WM.png


The Skippers

Enzo (left) and Costanzo (right). If you are a local you don’t need a hat –  their tan speaks for themselves  🙂

Skipper 1 Wm

The Capri Boat Tour

We left from the Marina Grande…

marina grande 2

Marian Grande WM

and saw these “Sightseeing”

La Grotta Azzura

The Blue Grotto is the most famous sea cave in Capri. Here you need to pay additional admission fee of 13 EUR per person to get inside the Grotto with a little boat. Its crazy to see those boats waiting for the waves to be “low” in order for the boats to fit into that tiny hole!!! Gives me goose-bumps every time I see that!

Grotta IN

But once inside the water looks just amazing as the sunlight reflects through the cave and creates a blue reflection in the water.

capri azzura

La Grotta Verde

Grotta 2 WM

Grotta 3 Wm.png


The Saints

Named this way because the rocks formed in a way that it resembles “Saints standing there and looking out over the “Seaman”

Grotta 1 WM

Saints WM


The Faraglioni

It is said, that when you drive through the two rocks via boat and kiss your loved one whilst passing through you are destined to stay together forever 🙂 I sure got my kiss 🙂

Faraglioni 2 WM

faraglioni 3


The Three Sisters

Named due to the 3 stone formations…

3 Sisters 2 WM.png

3 sisters 1 WM


The Lookout Statue

Capri legend says that a young man was waiting for his fiancé to arrive from the mainland to return to him. So he climbed up that rock every day to look out for her boat. As he did that over a long period of time and every single day they placed this statue there to remember him by…

Lookout 1 WM


The Red Corals

Coral WM.png


Il Faro

This is the Light Tower of Capri. You can also catch the Bus from “Ana-Capri” to get there. here you will also find a beach and some Cafe’s/Bars where you can see one of the most beautiful sunsets I have seen to date!

Il Faro 1


The Swim Break

We stopped twice to take a swim into the beautiful water and jumped into the middle of the ocean!!! It was really amazing and sooooo refreshing as it was really hot on the boat…

Swim 1 WM

Swim 2 WM.png



It was an amazing experience and I wish I had done it much earlier!!! There is no better way to see the entire Island and to swim in the middle of the Oacean. I loved it!!! Only thing is the pricing but if you go with a group you can save some money!

Thank you Enzo and Costanzo for such a wonderful trip around your amazing Island of Capri!




Source of some photos (without my brand) come from

*Some links on this site may earn me a commission if a service/product was purchased

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