Vegan Vietnamese Street Food @ Miss Chu Bondi Beach

Walking the beautiful Coastal walk or just visiting Bondi for its lovely fine sandy beach get’s you really hungry and as a vegetarian and or vegan you can recharge at Miss Chu’s Vietnamese Restaurant with a vegan Pho Soup or Dumplings!


Tucked away in a tiny corner directly next to Bondi Hotel is Miss Chu’s Vietnamese Street Food Restaurant!




LOC WM.png



Link to webpage


The Restaurant

It is a small little place that is famous for it’s rice rolls, dumplings and Buns. It offers indoor and outdoor seating and it’s decorated in a vintage and yet modern style.




IN WM.png

Indoor Seating


OUT WM.png

Outdoor Seating


The Menu & Prices






Rice Rolls, Buns and Dumplings

This is what Miss Chu is famous for and why people wait in long cues. I did not get the chance to try them out yet, but will be done when I visit Sydney next time 🙂




Pho Soup


PHO WM.png


After I have tasted vegan Pho Soup in Vietnam, obviously it is not the same BUT for being in Sydney, I have to say it is not bad.

It is packed with loads of healthy veggies like broccoli, sprouts, carrots and shitake mushrooms and rice noodles! This dish gluten free as well! It is a nice little and healthy filler right at the beach.

But I have had nicer veggie soups in Sydney such as in China Town or Ichi Ban Boshi…



A small stylish restaurant close to the beach with lots of vegetarian and vegan options to eat at Bondi. I found the soup healthy and filling but I have eaten better veggie soups in Sydney so next time I will try the dumplings, rice paper rolls and the vegan curry and give you guys a feedback on those 🙂


Bon Appetite!



Source of rice paper roll picture:


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