Live your Dream Life Part 3: Six Minimalist ways to save money!

What is a minimalist? There are different ways how people perceive to be a minimalist. For me it’s simple: DO NOT SPEND MONEY ON SH**T! Purchase things your really need, find “cheaper ways of living” and save your money for assets rather than things that lose value over time. This is how I went about it in 6 ways…

1. The rent is too damn high!

So you gotta’ compromise on SPACE, my friends. Living in a 2 bedroom apartment in Sydney will cost you around 800 AUD per week whereas a studio apartment costs around 400 AUD per week! You just cut your expenses in HALF!!!

BONUS: You cut the “cleaning time” and “furniture expenses” in half as well as you have less “space” to furnish and clean  🙂




2. Eat IN and not OUT

A lot of people eat out at least once per day due to lack of time or stress and I can totally sympathize with that! To save money pre-plan on your day off your meals for the entire week and stock, FREEZE and -pre cook meals accordingly. When you cook your meals at home cook double the amount and freeze the other half. Bring raw nuts or fruit to work for snacks!

BONUS: You eat much healthier as you eat less trans fats, sugar and preservatives!


3. Eat more Fruit N’ Veg!

“Meatless Mondays” are getting popular and rightly so! Introducing meatless days 2- 3 times per week cuts down your grocery bill as legumes, fruit and veggies are WAY CHEAPER than meat, fish or cheese!!!

BONUS: you eat more veggies and are getting more nutrients and fiber into your system which aids weight loss and may reduce chronic diseases  🙂


Protein Healthy

4. Don’t bus’ it- walk it!

Get an apartment close to your work so you can walk or bike to work every day. It saves you at least 50-100 bucks on transportation expenses per month!

BONUS: It’s better for the environment and you get more exercise without hitting the gym!


5. Get the basics! Declutter your Apartment & your Soul!

You do not need to get new clothing very single season! Get basic clothing with basic colors and buy colorful accessories instead!

Declutter your home! We all have clothing/stuff that was never worn/used or was only worn/used ONCE and then left in the cupboard for YEARS! Sell everything that you have not worn/used in the past month on EBay!

You will feel sooooo much better afterwards! It frees your soul as you feel less “bombarded” with things!


6. Minimize your Expensive Restaurant Outings

Thanks to the countless “Cooking TV- Shows” we all have become Foodies and need to eat at “Jamie Oliver – 4 Star” restaurants and spend 200 bucks for one night and then add it on FB or Instagram.

Expensive restaurant visits are LIABILITES and should be reduced to “special occasions”. There are cheaper options that can be just as tasty and you can still take pics and post’em on FB  🙂

Maharani Shahi Paneer ENG



I missed out on lots of parties, new clothing and latest phones (which would be out of fashion by now) and I only met up with friends for picnic’s and home parties but in the end I am now able to live my dream life without being busy paying off “useless” “liabilities”!

Think long term, find out what your dream life is and work towards it. Be SMART with your MONEY as it is earned hard and way too easily spend!





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