A walk through Sydney’s lively Darling Harbour

Hi guys,

another Place worth checking out when in Sydney is Darling Harbour. Here you can find diverse restaurants with views of the water and plenty of entertainment for young and old…

Darling Harbour

One of locals and tourists favorite spots in Sydney. It has been growing exponentially over the past 10 years with more restaurants and luxury apartments coming up. In my opinion it is getting a little bit overcrowded with buildings built on top of buildings, taking away the focus of the harbor itself; which is a shame. But that’s just me.

None the less, Darling Harbour is still an old time favorite for walking, eating and entertainment!




Darling Quarter

This area is the newest addition of Darling Harbour. Here used to be close to nothing and is now packed with restaurants and seating areas to relax on the lawn.




Along the D-Quarter strip you will find cafes and restaurants such as:

  • Guylian Chocolate Café
  • BRAZA Brazilian Style all you can eat Meat buffet
  • Nok Nok Thai Restaurant
  • Umi Sushi
  • McDonalds (right opposite the playground)



Here is also a new and large kids playground, free to use. In summer there are awesome water features so bring a change of clothing for your kids as they will get splashed with water 🙂




Sydney Visitor Center

Darling Harbour also offers a Tourism Information Center, with Info’s on how you buy tickets for the bus/train (called Opal cards), maps and hotel information.





Cockle Bay Wharf

Here you find plenty of restaurants such as Adria or Lindt Café and a bowling bar. Walking down this strip will take you toward the wildlife park and aquarium.

You can also walk across the bridge to get to the other side (where the Ferris Wheel is) of the harbor where you find more restaurants such as Hard Rock Café, Pancakes on The Rocks and “Strike Bowling Bar” as well as a food court.





Entertainment Option



You never get bored when you visit Darling Harbour! There are also diverse festivals throughout the year such as the Chinese New Year, Greek Festival, Brazilian Festival, Valentines Day and of course New Years Eve and more…

The restaurants are more on the pricier scale and so are the entertainments. But that’s Sydney in general.  You have to factor that in- it will be a more expensive holiday when you visit Australia 🙂


Happy Travel!





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