Are you CHASING “stuff” and missing out the NOW?

If there is one thing I came to realize since I stopped working one year ago it’s that live just fly’s past you without you even realizing it!

In the past 10 years I have been very busy chasing stuff. I did not appreciate the little moments of live-except for Holidays…

If you ask me what I remember from my past 10 years- my answer is study, work and a couple of holidays. That’s it. My whole 20’s gone and I can hardly tell you what happened.

I was Chasing…

…to get a degree so that I can get a highly paid job.

… for a management position, going up the corporate ladder.

…for a house/apt and paying off a mortgage.

…to get marrie


I got exhausted, burnt out, tiered, stressed and depressed with my life. I don’t know how that happened! It feels like it just snuck up on me. But I guess it was an accumulation of things…

And it severely affected my health as I needed tons of coffee to keep me going and wine to wind me down. Stress affects your body. Check out my blog Why stress makes us fat


What for I asked myself?

For status? Acceptance of society? For more THINGS in my cupboard?


I realized I needed to change my life

I thought about my “dream life” and what it would entail and then I stared to plan and work towards it…. That was in 2012 ….

And now, currently living my dream life (lets hope it lasts) I am aware of every single day in my life. What a difference!

Every morning I am free to chose what I want to do with my day. That is such a luxury and I hope I can keep it up. My mum in-law, Helen Vavayis, always says:

“You can’t take anything with you into your grave. All you have in the end are your memories of your life lived.”

I read once that many people who retired are surprised that they are retired and wonder what happened with their entire life as it just flew by them…I wonder if it is because they never stopped to actually enjoy the now?



What I am trying to say in this rant:

Do not waste your life! Live in the NOW!

  1. Find work you love so that you are not on pilot mode. 70% of your life consist of “work” so you better like it!
  2. Enjoy every moment! If you can’t chose your work, make sure you are aware of your private time, enjoy each moment with your loved ones.
  3. Your TIME is the most valuable commodity you have! Do not waste it on STUFF: When you go to work, what you get paid for is your TIME and money is the payment. If you spend your MONEY=TIME OF YOUR LIFE on stuff like the latest IPhone, clothing or a expensive car you just spend your LIFE on it. Ask yourself when you buy something: “Was it really worth my LIFE?”



It is not easy to talk to people about stuff like that.  So here are books that helped me:

  1. “Screw work, lets play” [Motivation} from John Williams
  2. “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” [Finance] from Robert Kiyosaki.
  3. “7 Habits of highly effective People” [Motivation] from Stephen R Covey




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