Sydney’s Picturesque Coastal Walk: Bronte to Bondi

Hi guys,

Strolling along the ocean, getting a nice sea breeze, smell the salt water and see the amazing coast line is one of the things you’ve got to do when visiting Sydney!!!  When too hot you can stop at any beach and go for a swim 🙂


Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs have 3 famous beaches: Coogee Beach, Bronte Beach and Bondi Beach. Shortest walk is either from Coogee to Bronte (or vise versa) or Bronte to Bondi (or vise versa).


Why Bronte to Bondi?

I  prefer to start the walk from Bronte because you end up at Bondi Beach which is loaded with Cafes and Restaurants where you can recharge and chill out. Bronte is beautiful, small and less busy (which I prefer) but they only have a handful of restaurants which are quiet expensive.




Time to walk

It will take around 40-90 minutes, depending how often you stop to take pictures  🙂


How to get to Bronte from CBD

The fastest way:
Catch the train from Central or Town Hall Station and get off Bondi Junction and then take the 400 Bus direction Bronte.

Train around 4 AUD/3 USD/ 2.70 EUR PLUS 2.50 AUD/ 1.90 USD/ 1.70 EUR ish for the Bus.



Catch the 400 bus at Central Station or at Hyde Park and drive all the way to Bronte Beach. You get a little sightseeing tour through George Street, Paddington and Bondi Junction too!

Around 2.50 AUD/ 1.90 USD/ 1.70 EUR


Tip: For the Bus you need to buy an OPAL card at a convenience store and charge it with money. YOU CAN NOT PAY ON THE BUS!

Start the Walk @ Bronte

Getting off the bus you walk through Bronte Park towards the beach.


Bronte park WM.png


Once you hit the beach and face the water you turn left to start your walk…




…If you turn right you will end up at the Rock Pool – which is beautiful to swim and free of charge 🙂


Bronte Rockpool.png


Back to walking to the left: Here you  will find a set of steps which lead to a street.


Walk WM.png


Looking back you have an amazing view of entire Bronte Beach


Bronte view WM.png


Walking along the main street it will take you to the next and smaller Beach called Tamarama Beach.




Heading towards Tamarama you will see a nice park with showers, toilets, BBQ areas and a little playground.


Tama Park WM.png


You can either walk across the part or around the main street towards the Tamarama S.L.S.C Club…


Tama 2 WM.png


Walking past the S.L.S.C Club you will encounter breathtaking views of the ocean and rock formations.




Then you will walk past Hunter’s Park. Here you find some benches and also some outdoor exercise equipment! Yep, this walk can be an active one too 🙂


Halfway WM.png


In spring and summer you will find beautiful wild flowers…




Walking further  5-10 min  you will get your first view of Bondi Beach:


Bondi 1.png


Now you need to walk down a really steep pair of steps! Walking them up is such a killer!!!




Another 5 minutes walk and another set of steps later you get more of the coastal view and amazing rock formations:





Once you see Bondi Iceberg’s Pool- You made it!!!




You have reached the infamous Bondi Beach!!!




Happy Swimming 🙂



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