The BEST Hand-Pulled Chinese Noodles in Sydney [Chinatown]

Around 8 years ago we discovered a small family run Chinese Noodle House behind Sydney’s Chinatown/Haymarket that makes the best HANDMADE Chinese Noodles, dumplings and other Chinese dishes I have ever eaten! And it’s totally affordable!!!

The Location

The Chinese Noodle House is located in Sydney’s CBD and in Sydney’s outskirts of Chinatown.

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Restaurant Location


Walking to the Chinese Noodle House from Haymarket!

When you stand in front of Haymarket you walk up the street located to the left side of the tower…


Then you walk down the street towards and then past the NAB Bank until  you see a beige building with a few little Asian restaurants on the ground floor

The Noodle House is on the right side of this picture in Red!


The Restaurant

It’ a little restaurant with the kitchen sitting at the back. If you are lucky you can see how they make the hand pulled noodles peaking into the kitchen.

It is a BYO restaurant:
In Australia you can “Bring Your Own” beer or wine to almost all restaurants. They charge you a “corckage fee” of 1-2 AUD/ 0.70 USD/0.65 EUR per glass/person and you can drink as many bottles of beer/wine as you like 🙂

Tip:It gets extremely busy during lunch and dinnertime. Best time to visit is between 3-6 pm.



The Prices/Menu

Average price for vegetarian dishes is 10 AUD/ 7.70 USD/ 7.10 EUR (very cheap for Sydney) and as soon as you sit down you get a pot of Chinese tea for free.




The Dishes

Knife Sliced Noodles with Fragrant Spicy Sauce


I LOVE THIS DISH!!!! Freshly made Hand-Pulled Noodles with LOADS of garlic, chilli and a chilli based oili sauce. It is not too spicy and topped with fresh green bok choi vegetables. YUMMMMMMM….


Chinese Cabbage with Vinegar Sauce

Cabbage WM.png

This dish goes so good with the noodles. Fresh Chinese cabbage stir fried with Asian vinegar and lots of garlic!


Fried Eggplant with Special Sauce


Here they fry the eggplant in a sweet and sour sauce and garlic. It is topped with yummy coriander which goes so well with the sauce!


Vegan steamed Eggplant Dumplings

Dumplings WM.png

They have two types of vegetarian dumplings:

  1. Dumplings filled with fried eggplant
  2. Dumplings filled with eggs and chives.

So vegetarians can try them both 🙂

You can choose the healthier form of either steamed or boiled dumplings or the unhealthier version but yummier one fried…


Home Style Tofu

Another all-time favorite of ours is the sweet and sour tasting tofu with Chinese mushrooms and green capsicum. Very filling and just delish!!!

Homestyle Tofu ENG



I really love this place! Its all fresh and home made and soooo delicious! You really gotta’ try it when you go to Sydney’s Chinatown- you will miss out if you don’t!

More info’s about Sydney’s Chinatown in my Blog: Sydney’s Culinary Chinatown


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