Sydney’s culinary and multicultural Chinatown & The Haymarket’s

I just love Sydney’s Chinatown!!! It has the BEST ASIAN Food I have eaten so far and what makes it so extremely awesome is that you find food from all Asian countries in one spot: from Thai to Korean, Chinese, Japanese over Malaysian Roti’s…It’s all here represented with its amazing restaurants and food courts.

And right next door is Sydney’s Haymarket, also know as Paddys Market… Come and take a walk with me 🙂

Sydney’s Chinatown has been growing and expanding with it’s amazing restaurants and food choices for all Asian Food Lovers every year!


The location:


Walking through Chinatown

Entering Chinatown from Darling Harbour’s side and walking on Dixon Street you walk past one of the “newer” sections of Chinatown:





Once you walk through Dixon Street and towards Haymarkets you will see the main entrance to the Chinatown Mall.





Walking through the Mall you will see some Asian clothing or jewelry shops but mostly you find amazing restaurants.

For example inside the Sussex Center on the top floor is a really yummy and cheap Asian Food Court. Here you find the BEST Laksa @ Happy Chef 🙂 The Food Court is much cheaper than the typical Restaurants along the Mall.


Only go to the restaurants where the Asians are sitting. These are the best ones. The other ones usually are too expensive and not as good tasting- more for the western touris.







Below is one of the many Asian restaurants: Mother Chu’s Taiwanese Restaurant: Here you find Taiwanese dumplings, buns and stir fries…YUMM


Mother WM.png



Towards the end of the mall is a really great dessert place (Asian) and is called Emperors Garden Café. Here you find really cheap sweet buns like raisin or chocolate and cheese buns (I know sounds odd but if you eat cheese you gotta try that one).

My favorite: Huge Mochi balls stuffed with diverse fillings like red bean, taro or peanut and sugar. It is made of glutinous rice and is therefore vegan 🙂 One ball costs 1.80 AUD/ 0.90 USD/ 1.10 EUR.


Emperor WM.png



Outside the Café they sell the famous hot and with custard filled Emperor’s Puffs. 3 Puffs cost 1 AUD/ 0.70 EUR/ 0.65 USD. If you come here during peak time (around 6-8pm) you will find a long cue of people wanting those fresh hot Puffs as everybody wants them for dessert 🙂





In between you find some beautiful little artistic side streets…


Alley WM.png



This is the other entrance – from Haymarket’s side into Chinatown:


Entrance 2 WM.png



When you exit on this side you will face Haymarket- also known as Paddy’s Market or Market City. They are open from Wednesday to Sundays from 10am to 6pm:


Paddys WM.png



Inside is the Markt is a huge hall that with stands selling lots of cheap tourist souvenirs: clothes, bags, Aussie T-shirts or towels. Best and cheapest place to buy them.






On the left side of Paddy’s you find a fresh fruit and veg market with lots of Asian fruit and veggies to really cheap prices!





I just love it here!!! It is so diverse, loud and busy with heaps of affordable food choices.


Tip: Every Friday nights is Chinese Market with lot of food stalls and little stands! It feels like you are somewhere in Asia when walking through there


Surrounded by the main mall are lots of other Asian stores and restaurant along George and Pitt Street as Chinatown is growing year by year. For example you will find the famous Dumpling Restaurant Din Thai Foon. Amazing Dumplings!!! They also offer vegan ones!!!

If you visit Sydney, make sure you come to eat and see Chinatown – well it’s one of my favorite places in Sydney 🙂



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