A delicious Vegan Wedding Menu @ The Locks Hamburg

My little sister got married and celebrated it at “The Locks” Hamburg, Germany which is set inside an old fashioned farmhouse. The food was just phenomenal so was the service and the best part was that they organized an entire vegan menu just for me 🙂

The Locks:

This restaurant is set in a beautiful old fashioned German farmhouse and the interior design matches the outside: It has a rustic and comfortable flair.




In summer The Locks opens the door to their beautiful and very comfortable Summer-Terrace which is surrounded by nature…


Locks OUT 3.jpg


The Food:

The Locks Hamburg is proud to only offer seasonal, organic and local ingredients. For the mixed eater under us the meat and fish is also organic and grass fed. They offer vegetarian items on the menu but no vegan ones. However, I have a feeling if you call before hand and ask them to prepare a vegan meal that they would do it 🙂




Link to their Website:




Entrees average an of 10 EUR / 10.40 USD/ 14 AUD

Mains average of 20 EUR/ 20.80 USD/ 25 AUD

Dessert average 8 EUR/ 8.30 USD/ 12 AUD


The Vegan-Wedding Menu:


Locks Inside1.jpg


The Locks created a separate vegan menu just for me and I was delighted! The menu consisted of 4 courses!


First Course: Avocado and Mango Salad


Mango WM.png



The mango was deliciously sweet and juicy, quite unexpected as I ate this in Hamburg where mangos are not the hit! The combination with the avocado, the cashew nuts, the rocket salad and the fresh cherry tomatoes was just divine…and the dressing…Gosh it was so fresh and sweet and matched perfectly.


Second course: Asian-Passion Fruit Salad


Passion WM.png



This refreshing salad consisted of finely chopped salad leaves, lots of coriander, parsley, cucumber and very finely chopped carrots.

The dressing was a mixture of passion-fruit, lime and lemongrass. A dream!


Third Course- Wild Mushrooms on Quinoa


Quiona WM.png



A very delicious earthy dish: Grilled wild mushrooms were bedded on top of stir fried quinoa mixed with herbs, onion and garlic and baked cherry tomatoes.

Vegan Tip: Quinoa is an awesome protein source as it provides our body with all the essential amino acids  🙂


Fourth Course: The Dessert




For me, being a vegan they made fresh strawberry skewers coated with dark chocolate and a separate fruit platter 🙂

For everyone else there were cheese cakes, vanilla Knoedel (Balls) coated with nuts and served with warm vanilla sauce and chocolate brownies. A Dessert Heaven!


This was by far the healthiest and first vegan wedding dinner menu I have eaten!


And of course we had a wedding cake 🙂




It was a raspberry-cream cake on the top and mixed velvet cupcakes at the bottom. A choice between chocolate and vanilla or raspberry and vanilla cream… It sure was a hit!



The wedding was extremely well prepared and organized. The food was just delicious- for everyone! The wait staff was extremely attentive and friendly and the food was brought out as discussed with the organizer. My sister was very happy which means  something as she works in the banquet/conference industry -hence she is really fussy in terms of service ! And so am I and I can say it was fantastic service and food!

The organizer herself helped us with the the table menu: It was also used as a candleholder…




…and she organized the flowers to my sisters “vintage” theme…




A big thanks to The Locks and the team. It was a wonderful day!


If you want to know anything else about the event just let me know 🙂


Bon Appetite,




The pics from the restaurant are sourced from their own website:



2 thoughts on “A delicious Vegan Wedding Menu @ The Locks Hamburg

  1. The photo of the mushrooms on quinoa is making me hungry!
    Also, I’m inspired to make a salad with avocado and mango – I would never have thought of combining them 🙂


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