Is sugar poison for our body?

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In this blog I am exploring sugar and look at following questions:

What is sugar? Why is fructose poisonous? Why is sugar addicting? How much fructose can we eat per day? In which foods do I find sugar?

What is sugar?

Sugar can be dived into three simple molecules:

Glucose-is the simplest form of sugar which is found in carbohydrates. It is also called a monosaccharide  and has one molecule. For more info see New Year Weight Loss: Carbs Demystified

Sucrose– also known as table sugar– is made up of two sugar molecules: Fructose and Glucose.

Lactose– which is the sugar in milk – is made up of two sugar molecules: Galactose and Glucose.




Why is Fructose so poisonous for us?

When we eat a sugar that contains fructose, the fructose gets send straight to the liver for processing and is NOT regulated by insulin!




The excess glucose and fructose are both stored by the liver as glycogen for later energy.




Then fructose is changed into triglycerides which leads to fatty liver!


fruc to tryg.png


Eventually the triglycerides are turned into LDL (low density/bad Cholesterol) and are released into the blood stream.

LDL Cholesterol can clog our arteries if present over a long period of time. This makes it harder for our blood to flow into our heart which may lead to a heart attack!


Tryg to LDL.png


Short: Fructose turns into bad and very harming fat which leads to chronic diseases like heart attack, diabetes or strokes. So, it’s very poisonous!


Why is sugar addicting?

Fructose has a way of BUZZING our BRAIN and increases our Happy-Hormone Dopamine, which makes us feel great every time we eat it –  but only for a short period of time!

As a result we get addicted to it. That’s why when we feel down we feel like something sweet.


Is has been proven that sugar stimulates the same area in the brain as any drug like cocaine, nicotine or alcohol.


BTW: Sugar make you fat as well. See HOW here: New Year Weight Loss: Good Carbs VS Bad Carbs and GI Foods demystified


How much fructose is healthy to eat per day?

It is recommended to eat 25g of fructose per day. But don’t be fooled, this is not a lot. Here some examples:

  • Apple has 9.3 g
  • Banana has 6g
  • Watermelon has 6g
  • Blueberry has 3,7g
  • Avocado has o.3g


So its safe to say that we can eat 2 pieces of fruit per day. And that is without eating sugary foods like sweets, bread or pasta!


IMG_9325[381] Apples and Lemon.JPG


In which foods do I find sugar?

  • Table sugar, Honey, Stevia, Artificial Sweeteners such as equal
  • Cakes /Sweets/ Candies/ Biscuits/ Chocolate
  • Soft drinks: cokes, Fanta, sprite, fruit juices, Sport Drinks and Vitamin Waters
  • Sauces like Ketchup, BBQ Sauce, Chutneys or salad dressings
  • Carbs: white bread, pasta, rice
  • Fruit
  • Dried Fruit
  • Breakfast Cereals!!!
  • Yoghurt- Except natural yoghurts
  • Chocolate or Vanilla Milk Shakes
  • Packaged, Canned or Fast Foods, especially the LOW FAT versions!



CIG_IMG010 (2).jpg


Further INFO:


Book: “Sweet Poision” from David Gillespie



Glucose in its pure form is the energy our body needs to function.

However, sugar has been added into almost all our DAILY FOODS (except fresh fruit and veggies) by manufacturers on purpose as we eat more of them as a result- because we are addicted to them thanks to the sugar!!!

Think twice about what it is you buy and look at the ingredients on the package. Anything with glucose, high fructose corn syrup and the like are bad for you and only cause you harm.

Sugar is very harmful, highly addictive as it makes us fat, sick and addicted!

Sugar is the POISON in our modern diet!







6 thoughts on “Is sugar poison for our body?

  1. Great post – very nicely explained 🙂
    I’ve reviewed brown rice syrup (as part of the Green Stars Project) and included some info on fructose there too. In fruit, the fructose is handled pretty well by your body since it’s combined with fiber and other nutrients. But soda and processed foods containing fructose-rich sweeteners (like high-fructose corn syrup) will certainly cause the problems that you describe above. I believe that brown rice syrup is quite a good option as a sweetener (since it’s primarily short chains of glucose, such as maltose and maltotriose). Here’s the review:


    1. Thank you! Am glad my explanations help, I sure need to know what happens in my body before I change things up 🙂 thank you for your link and suggesting Brown rice syrup. I’ll check it out !

      Liked by 1 person

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