Carbs Demystified [What are carbohydrates]

Many of us have a weight loss New-Year Resolution and therefore  go on a diet on the 01.01 each year. One of the popular diets is the “Low Carb- High Protein” Diet. Therefore I decided to demystify the “Bad?” Carb for you: From what a carbohydrate is, what happens in our body when we eat it, in which foods we find them and answering the big question:

Do carbs make us fat?

It’s a New Year and  we make promises to our self…from stop smoking, start exercising and of cause to lose weight!


To make the right weight loss choices we need lots of info’s in order to succeed


…so let’s start with the basics…

What is a carbohydrate?

Carbohydrates are made up of simple sugars, called glucose and are the simplest source of energy for our body cells and essential for our body. In fact, our brain cells only recognize glucose (sugar) as their main energy source!

What happens in our body when we eat carbohydrates?


Here’s a summary for you:


1.When we eat carbohydrates our body starts to break it down into simple sugars- called glucose which are a source of our energy.

Carbs turn to glucose.png


2.All the glucose/energy the body needs immediately will be consumed by our cells.


Glucose turned into energy.png


3. All the glucose that is not immediately needed is turned into glycogen by the liver.


Liver turns glucose into glycogen.png


Glycogen is our short- term energy resource. We use it when we think, learn or go for a quick run because it needs to be accessed and converted into energy right away.


4. The remaining Glucose- that is essentially eaten too much– will be converted into fat- which is our long term energy resource.








Did you read that?


Any carb that is eaten too much gets converted into fat!

What this mean?

Our daily lunches of pasta and dinners consisting of Burger with Fries or Pizza’s are just way too many “bad” carbs! Add your Coke or Fizzy drink and a sweet treat and you have a carb-sugar overload!!!



Which foods are considered to be carbohydrates?


  • Bread, Bagel, Cereals, Pasta, Pizza Dough
  • Rice, Buckwheat, Oats
  • Quinoa, Chia Seeds
  • Potato, Sweet Potato
  • Pumpkin, Corn
  • Fruit
  • Sugar: Cake, Chocolate, Buiscuits, Candies
  • Sauces like ketchup, BBQ sauce, Chutneys or Salad Dressings
  • Jams and Marmalades


earthcafe Bali vegan burger.jpg

How much carbs can we eat if we want to lose weight?

100-150g of carbs per day aids weight loss

Watch Out!

If you exercise you need to replenish the lost energy with carbs again!

If you feel constantly tiered on a very low carb diet your body is telling you that you need more carbs as your brain/body starved off energy.

If you are currently on a heavy carb diet you need to slowly decrease the amount of carbs you eat. Not all at once! Start to omit one carb per meal per week until you reach the 100-150g. Otherwise you get sugar cravings and you can easily fall back eating too many carbs.

One more thing to consider…

There are good carbs and bad carbs which has to do with low or high GI Foods (Glycemic Index).

More info about GI will be in my next blog.




YES, carbs can make you fat, sick and addicted due to the sugar content.

BUT our brain and body need the glucose for proper cell function

SO we need to eat a certain amount of the right carb to keep a balanced and healthy diet.


Let’s eat well and love life!


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