Going veg: 4 Incredible Impacts on Health, Environment and Morals

Read here about what amazing impacts you can have when eating a plant based diet! The beauty is: You do not need to become a “full time vegan/vegetarian” for those advantages to take an effect. Eating vegetarian/vegan once per week or better for breakfast and lunch and eat animal products just for dinner already puts a dent into todays dilemma of food and water scarcity and some of the environmental issues! I hope this blog will create consciousness about the impacts you can have just by choosing what you put on your plate! Awareness is the first step to change 🙂

Impact 1: The Advantages of Eating a Plant Based Diet

With “plant based” I mean eating a diet full of vegetables, fruit, legumes, nuts and seeds. Minimal consumption of sugary foods/drinks like coke or cake and minimal use of processed, packaged or canned foods.

Plant Based Diet Improves your Health


  1. Reduced consumption of animal product reduces chances of chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol (worked for me!), heart disease and cancer
  2. Reduced dairy intake reduces chances of breast cancer or osteoporosis
  3. Reduced meat consumption lowers chances of colon cancer. More health advantages see Why go vegetarian/vegan? [My reasons]
  4. Weight loss: Eating a plant based diet aids weight loss as you give your body all the nutrients it needs and as a result you will be less hungry and essentially eat less. You can also eat as many veggies as you like as they are low in calories 🙂
  5. Less PMS pain: You get less PMS pain and your periods become more regular!
  6. It’s MUCH cheaper than eating a mixed diet- in supermarkets and restaurants. Added Bonus 🙂

***Supplement you should add is B12 and if doctors advise also iron.

Here a link to a Ted talk which summarizes the health benefits beautifully:



Impact 2: Improves the Environment


  • Reduction of the greenhouse gas emissions: Animal factories/farming cause around 51% of the greenhouse gas emission worldwide.  That’s more than all the trucks, cars and planes combined.
  • The increased greenhouse gas emissions are due the billions of animals needing to “do a shit and fart” and produce as a result methane and nitrous oxide. These chemicals seep into the ground which ends up mixed with our fresh water and poisons it.
  • Reduce the water consumption: As the animals need to drink and eat grains which are grown with water- those billions of animals consume around 1/3 of our fresh water. It is feared that we will run out of fresh water in the future. See the documentary “Blue Gold” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=38e0cv          -oW3LY
  • Deforestations: All those animals and their food consume a lot of space. 91% of the amazon to be exact- were removed for this purpose alone!


Impact 3: Reduces World Hunger


  • 50% of the grains produced in the world are eaten by the animals so that a “few of us” can eat meat for breakfast lunch and dinner
  • Imagine how many grains and therefore food is left over for the starving people if we all just cut our meat consumption in half!!!

The documentary Cowspiracy  and this Ted Talk summarize the environmental and resulting starvation very clear:



Impact 4: Helps the Animals


The ethical reasons behind eating less or no meat/eggs/dairy

  • Animals are tortured and killed inhumanly
  • Animals are held in unnatural confined, dark spaces
  • Animals are OVER-FED so that they produce more meat per kilo, so much so that they can’t handle their own weight and collapse
  • Animals are stuffed with antibiotics and hormones to keep them long enough  “alive”
  • Little male chicks are thrown into a mincer- ALIVE as they are not needed
  • Cows are kept “pregnant” with use of hormones so that they can produce more and longer milk for us humans to drink
  • Pig tails and chickens beaks are cut off without anesthetics as they go crazy being kept under those conditions.


These are just some examples and the  Documentary “Earthlings” shows all of its ugliness. I must warn you- I honestly cried the entire MOVIE when I saw it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nYN99JX-K4k



Health was my initial reason to go veg. But knowing all this motivates and drives me to stick with it! You really do not need to go “Fulltime” vegan/vegetarian. ONE PLATE WITH NO ANIMAL PRODUCTS per day or week already helps your health, the environment, the animals and starving people!

I hope it opens your eyes as it did mine.



3 thoughts on “Going veg: 4 Incredible Impacts on Health, Environment and Morals

  1. Fantastic article! I’ve only been vegan/plant-based for just over a month but already I feel better. Do you feature your articles with any other sites?


    1. Hi Mike, I love to read that you liked my blog post and even more that you started to eat vegan/plant based and are already feeling some positive effects from it. It only gets better 🙂
      I don’t feature my articles anywhere else yet as I am new to the blogging/writing world and am still learning lots of things along the way 🙂

      Advice/platforms and ideas are always appreciated 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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