Why go veggo? [My reasons]

Hi guys,

To me it is soul food. I just feel the best when I eat lots of plant foods! Its just so wholesome and feels right to me and my body!

However, my decision to eat vegetarian does not necessarily mean that it is the end all-be all solution to eat healthy for every person on this planet. There are healthy people eating animal products and there are unhealthy people on a vegan diet. However, this choice comes with lots of health benefits I discuss in this blog as well…

So here is my why

It’s about health: Just before my 30th birthday (am 33 now) I had an episode where I had chest pain for a few hours whilst going out for dinner. The next day I went to see the doctor and they discovered that I had really high cholesterol levels.

I was shocked! I honestly thought that I am the healthiest chick in her 30’s!!!

My “old diet” – low- carb- high- protein:

  • White meat: chicken or turkey
  • Fish/Seafood: Tuna, Salmon, Prawns
  • Eggs
  • Cheeses like ricotta, feta, cottage
  • Yoghurt
  • Rarely red meat, carbs (if I ate it whole meal or gluten free), sweets, sugar
  • Some fruit and some veggies
  • Exercise 5 times per week



So, I Googled how to lower cholesterol and came across the plant based vegan diet!


Reasons why meat is unhealthy

  • It has high amount of inflammatory fats and in excess it can clott to your main arteries causing strokes or heart disease
  • Factory farmed animals are caged into tiny spaces and therefore get sick
  • Being sick they get pumped with antibiotics and growth hormones.
  • Meat contain obesogens due to the injected hormones: A chemical that disrupts our hormones and metabolism which leads to weight gain!
  • Animal products are highly acidic and are toxic for your body and promotes weight gain
  • Processed meats are full of preservatives and salt which are cancer causing


Research has shown:

  • high consumption of dairy in females can cause breast cancer
  • high amount of red meat consumption can cause colon cancer
  • high intake of dairy is related to the bone disease osteoporosis





At the moment I am mostly eating a plant based vegan diet, consisting of mainly veggies, fruit, legumes, nuts and seeds and a minimal amount of processed foods and sugary foods!

Since I am far from perfect (I wish I could eat like Rawvanna or Freelee) I guess you could say I eat plant based vegan for around 70% throughout the year, eating cheese (being my downfall-must be my Italian genes) here and there and some salmon.

I guess you could call me a plant based foodie with flaws 🙂




Back to my health

For 4 years in a row – since I have been eating mostly plant based vegan- my annual blood tests for my cholesterol are always spot on! So are my triglycerides and LDL cholesterol levels 🙂



I have never felt healthier and fitter in my life since I became a vegetarian who is mostly eating a plant based vegan diet. To me it is a conscious choice to eat as healthy as I can and help the environment, animals and decrease world hunger in the process- which is such a bonus  🙂



  • “Kind Diet” from Alicia Silverstone
  • “The Starch Solution” from Dr John A. McDougall
  • “The 22 day Revolution” from Marco Borges
  • “The Food Revolution” from John Robbins
  • To kick sugar addiction: “Sweet Poison” from David Gillespie




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