6 things to do around Patong Beach, Phuket

Hi guys,

here a summary on how to get to Patong Beach, what you can eat there and what to do there:

1.Getting to Patong from the Airport

It is an 1 hour taxi ride for 800 baht (25 USD/ 30 AUD/ 24 EUR) and you can get easily a taxi from the Airport. As always get a few quotes FIRST and then decide which taxi you want to get into 🙂

Once you arrive in Patong Beach you can get around Phuket with a Tuk Tuk. But watch the prices as they like to charge “extra” for touris   🙂


Tuk Tuk 65B201EA-CE26-4525-BC51-599CC9E72835[271].jpg


2. Patong Beach

It is a lovely beach with white sands, warm water, a few scattered restaurants and a long shaded strip to go for nice walks. There are vendors at the beach selling you things like sunnies or bracelets-but not too bad in terms of getting talked to. If I compare this beach with Kuta Beach in Bali is was quiet.

You can also do parachute jet ski. I do not know the price as I was a little chicken shit and too scared to try. But as lots of people did it I would assume it was reasonably priced.





3. Patong Night Market

A great place to find cheap and local food is Patong Night Market, starting to sell food from 5pm onwards and is located right in front of Banzaan Fresh Market.

For more info’s check out Vegan/Vegetarian Food @Patong Beach Night Markets, Phuket – Thailand






4. Banzaan Fresh Market




This market, located right behind the night market, is more a market hall. At the bottom of the hall you can find anything from fresh fruit, veggies, nuts and seeds as well as fresh raw seafood. When you climb up one set of stairs and you find a food court mainly offering freshly cooked/ BBQ seafood. So if you love seafood it is definitely a place to go. There were a lot of Chinese sitting in this hall eating tons of seafood. So, it must be good.


Baan tran food court.jpg


5. Patong Beach Party Mile

Before you reach Patong Beach itself you need to walk through the Party Mile. Here you will find one night club and bar after another. After around 6pm there will be people trying to coax you into the bar with beer and alcohol specials. For party goers this is for sure heaven!




6. Junceylon Shopping Mall

Here you will find anything from Tourist souvenirs to clothing shops like Zara and Mango and plenty of restaurants as well as Fast Food Outlets like Burger King and McDonalds.

At the top levels you will find electronics and mobile phone accessories as well as a Bowling Club, a movie theatre and a 3D Movie Theatre!

There is also a Big C located at the bottom floor which is a huge supermarket where you can find fresh fruit, veggies, tofu, fish, noodles, sweets, coffee\ and the like.




It is very touristy and has way too many bars, pubs and clubs for my taste and therefore not a place I would go back to (maybe for the hotel, cause loved that one 🙂 but I prefer less touristy and more authentic experiences.

Happy travels!

XOX Rosa


Here the links from a few pics I got:




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